As experience designers, we approach every brief holistically to enable us to create seamless experiences that are steadfastly aligned to our clients’ objectives, as well as the interests and aspirations of our target audience.

Our commitment to design ensures we produce unique brand experiences that have a powerful effect on consumer attitudes and behaviour.

Our heritage in building brands through positive human connection inspires us to design experiences that connect with people’s emotions, motivations and personal goals.

Creative concepts

As experts in people, we understand how to engage and excite audiences. We create class-leading consumer journeys that cater to a wide range of demographics and personality types. Using these skills, we work with our production partners to turn exceptional on-brand experiential concepts into living, breathing campaigns.

We have created concepts for both retail experiences and immersive training events for clients including Sage, Samsung and Nike. With our particular expertise in people, we deliver brand messages that are rich in human interaction (both physical and digital) and provoke positive emotions and actions.

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Pop up & concept stores

The retail landscape has revolutionised over the last two decades with huge innovation in environment, consumer interaction and the use of digital technology. Business goals for retail spaces have also changed, with a greater focus on building brand affinity and less singular emphasis on driving immediate sales.

We create pop up and concept stores that perform a dual role of immersing consumers in a brand experience, while also driving product sales. For some clients, this is a marketing initiative that provides exceptional value for money. For others, it is a retail investment that drives long-term customer growth. Wherever the emphasis lies, by applying a blended strategy, we maximise positive results.

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Visual merchandising

We work with our clients to ensure retail environments match the high standards associated with their brands. As well as having creative vision and a keen eye for detail, our visual merchandisers motivate and inspire on-site retail staff to keep areas looking their best.

For Nike, we manage a permanent team of seven professional visual merchandisers who work with Nike’s retail brand partners to keep the environment in perfect condition. During new product launches, or new seasons, we supplement this team with up to 24 additional visual merchandisers – a tactical team that is equally committed to the Nike brand.

We support many other retail clients with their in-store visual merchandising, including Sage, Lavazza, Lee Jeans and Beats. We hold strong relationships with premium retailers such as John Lewis and Selfridges, ensuring we can implant teams swiftly whenever required.

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