Your end-to-end solution to turn transactional e-commerce into experience e-commerce.

  • Put a team of product experts in front of your online customers
  • Increase e-commerce conversion rates
  • Increase average order value
  • Engage 1000s more visitors before they bounce
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Take your online presence to the next level

21xE-commerce conversion rates

70%Increase spend via live video shopping

81%Research before buying in-store

D2CReal human connections

1 in 4Customers returning to shop

LiveShopping with real product experts

Our solution

Address the 98% of visitors that never make it to checkout, with live video chat

Staffed by fully-trained product experts, you can level up your proposition to sell more, boost average order value and create repeat customers. We help you engage directly with site traffic, giving them access to live advice, demonstrations and shoppable masterclasses in one click.

Say goodbye to boring web shopping. Say hello to the ‘personal shopping’ experience, delivered virtually.

  • Live video chat and support from real product experts to
    aid decision-making and conversion.
  • Engage and educate users before they bounce.
  • Bring the D2C experience to virtual retail, building deeper customer relationships.
  • Turn transactional e-commerce into experience e-commerce.
  • Broadcast live video shopping from a dedicated, branded studio space.
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A recipe for e-commerce growth


  • A ready-made virtual retail tool which can integrate into any existing e commerce solution.
  • High-quality video and audio, and low-latency connections create a seamless, buffer-free experience.


  • Handpicked premium product experts ensure every conversation is perfect for your brand and customers.
  • In-depth inspirational training turns them into product experts, customer care specialists and sales masters.


  • Dedicated and branded for you – whether on your shop floor, showroom or back office.
  • Regardless of what you sell, we’ll design an authentic experience for your brand.
  • Build an environment for education, sales and content creation.

Setting you up for e-commerce success

We will recruit, train and manage a dedicated team of product experts to help you sell more. Whether shoppers connect live via messaging or video shopping, we’ll be there to offer advice, provide inspiration and get them to checkout.

Creating a seamless shopping experience

Your web visitors can easily interact with pre-defined prompts, initiating engagement from our product experts. If a quick message exchange doesn’t do the trick, we’ll video chat customers to our studio where we can provide in-depth advice and product demonstrations to provide comfort, support and confidence in the purchase.

Shoppers open live chat for guidance on your site
Product experts engage with personal help and advice
Live video delivered directly from your brand studio

Selling more coffee machines to Sage customers online

We unlocked new channels with Sage Appliances to create untapped revenue opportunities with live video shopping. Designed and run by Stellar, Sage Studios is a versatile brand space dedicated to virtual shopping.

From there, our multilingual virtual product experts supercharge conversion, create unique content for social commerce, run masterclasses and host new product launches for our global retail partner.

The Results:

  • Conversion to purchase increased x10
  • Average order value increased x3
  • 40% ROI in year 1
  • 2,000 live video chats every month
  • Bespoke content creation for masterclasses and TikTok
  • 4 languages served across 8 websites
  • 4.8/5 average rating for our virtual experts

“The reality is that we just don’t know where, when or how consumers want to engage with us – Stellar gets us connected to consumers across a multitude of platforms, be it in-store, our site, retailer sites, live masterclasses, TikTok and whatever the next platform is that pops up tomorrow. Most importantly Stellar controls a consistent and well practiced narrative across all touch points.”

David Gubbin, President EMEA, Sage Appliances

Why work with Stellar to deliver virtual shopping?

We have a proven track record of delivering quality D2C, virtual and omnichannel experiences for brands directly and in global retailers. We have brought creativity, expertise and data-driven insights to build something unique for their customers, increasing retention and consistently delivering ROI.


Virtual shopping and live chat for retail and e-commerce is an innovative new way to engage customers when they come to your e-commerce website. It enables them to connect directly with a real product expert (not a robot!) via a live chat function to get advice, detailed information and much more. From there, users can enter a live video chat, where the product expert can show them the product in action, help with onboarding and ultimately aid the customer’s journey.

Live video shopping has a range of benefits for any retail brand. The solution allows you to connect with customers in an entirely new way – creating a genuine, human connection however your customers choose to shop – all of which aids their journey, making them more likely to convert. Virtual shopping can increase conversion, retention and average order value (AOV) from online shoppers, improving revenue and ROI for D2C brands.

Virtual shopping is different to live chat in a couple of key ways. The majority of chat functions on websites are entirely automated, making it difficult for users to get the direct or advice answers they need. Virtual shopping from Stellar is supported by a large team of product experts for each brand, meaning that customers are always talking to real humans who understand their needs and can support their purchases. Furthermore, virtual shopping and live video chat allow customers to start a video chat with the same product experts, getting first-hand guidance on how to use products, which product is best for their requirements and support with any technical issues.

Virtual shopping can be deployed by any brand that has an online presence. But it works particularly well for D2C retailers who want to maximise their website traffic and generate sales growth. From fashion brands to home appliances, if you sell online, virtual shopping and live video chat delivered by knowledgeable product experts are excellent ways to create better connections with customers and stimulate better retention.

Yes. All conversations through live and video chat are GDPR compliant, ensuring the upmost security for brands and their customers.

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