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  • Product experts who look, talk and sell like your brand
  • Increase ROI with exceptional retail teams
  • Get real-time data and analytics to optimise your strategy
  • Deliver unforgettable shopping experiences
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Product experts

First-class product experts

At the heart of retail experiences are exceptional individuals. Our dedicated recruitment experts handpick the finest talent to connect with your customers, establishing lasting connections with your brand.

Real human connections, real results

We know that excellent customer experiences lead to growth. But we like to take things one step further – using our expertise to craft genuine relationships with customers so that they’ll want to keep coming back for more. Or, as we call them, Customers for Life.

With Stellar retail teams, we’ll place your products directly in front of customers, wherever they shop. From engaging physical brand stores to online events, our passionate product experts fully integrate with your brand – they’ll look like you, talk like you and turn maybes into yes’s.

Give your customers engaging experiences that promote trust and unlock genuine results.

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Take your brand presence to the next level

85%of UK shoppers would be encouraged to buy a product after a demonstration with a product expert

73%of UK shoppers want a product expert to give them an understanding of how products work

59%of UK shoppers would not buy a product costing more than £250 without testing it and seeing how it works

Brand stores

Elevate your offering with a Stellar-run brand store

Setting up a successful brand store, whether that’s online or physical, requires a dedicated space – as well as dedicated product experts. At Stellar, we can handle your entire D2C strategy with expertly trained retail teams from hiring first-class talent to setting up your very own personalised brand store. Our omnichannel capabilities mean that your products get shown to your customers, wherever they shop.

From demoing your high-ticket products to guiding customers through their purchasing journey, our retail teams use their vast skill sets to generate real human connections in your physical brand stores – and create fresh and engaging virtual content that makes you stand out. With passion and professionalism, we’ll help you make a lasting impression, leading to increased lifetime order value (LOV) for every customer.

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Third party retail

Unforgettable shop-in-shop experiences that generate ROI

We put fully-trained product experts in your third-party installations so you can level up your proposition to sell more, boost average order value and create repeat customers.

We’ll help you engage directly with your customers, giving them access to live advice and demonstrations, whether that’s in person or online. Say goodbye to boring shopping experiences. Say hello to the ‘personal shopping’ experience, delivered the Stellar way.

  • Support from real product experts to aid decision-making and conversion.
  • Bring the D2C experience to third-party retail, building deeper customer relationships.
  • Turn transactional commerce into experience commerce.
  • Partnerships in 18 major retailers across Europe.
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Virtual experiences

Helping you drive ROI with talented experts, charismatic hosts & content creators

Whether they are looking for live shopping events or on-demand content, our teams are specifically trained to work virtually, bringing the in-store feeling online.

We attract new audiences through diverse social selling campaigns – like running award-winning TikTok shopping events or running live broadcasted events from Samsung KX – helping you drive ROI with talented experts, presenters and personalities.

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We believe in people

At Stellar, we believe that elevating your brand and driving ROI is all about finding the right people. Our in-house talent and recruitment specialists work to source and select the very best people to engage with your customers, ensuring first-class quality that your customers will forever associate with your brand.

All of our product experts are meticulously trained to deliver exceptional experiences with your specific products. With diverse roles and honed skill sets, our retail teams will look like you, talk like you and most importantly, sell like your brand. All the while optimising your shopping experience and generating ROI.

Reimagining the retail experience with Samsung KX

Samsung KX is a unique, flagship experience space in the heart of King’s Cross, London.

Stellar was selected to staff and run the space, sourcing and training stand-out talent who would drive exceptional interactions with a retail team. Since then, we’ve been delivering truly groundbreaking retail both physically and virtually – including live events and product launches, produced and manned by us.

The Results:

  • +30% growth in sales vs 2022
  • Overall satisfaction score of 94% since 2019
  • Industry-leading employee NPS (eNPS) score of 56 YTD
  • 5 million view on flagship device launch live broadcast

Why work with Stellar to deliver a retail team strategy?

We have a proven track record of delivering quality omnichannel experiences for brands with our retail teams. Through creativity, expertise and data-driven insights, we build something unique for all of your customers, increasing retention and consistently delivering ROI.


Retail teams and product experts – often found under the umbrella of 'brand ambassadors' or 'brand teams' – play a crucial role in creating exceptional brand experiences. Our teams are dedicated to facilitating direct interactions between brand and customer, enhancing product knowledge, and delivering tailored shopping experiences. They ensure that customers receive expert guidance, real-time demonstrations, and memorable experiences, ultimately strengthening the bond between the brand and their customers.

Product experts within retail teams are highly knowledgeable individuals who specialise in a brand's products and services. They are instrumental in offering in-depth insights, answering customer queries, and providing valuable guidance during the shopping process. Their expertise helps customers make informed decisions, leading to greater satisfaction and trust in your brand.

Retail teams elevate brand experiences by offering personalised assistance, product recommendations, and in-depth knowledge. They create a direct link between the brand and customers, fostering a deeper connection whether that's online or face-to-face. They ensure that customers receive consistent and memorable interactions across various touch points, contributing to a cohesive and enjoyable shopping journey.

Examples of brand experiences involving retail teams include personalised product consultations in brand-owned stores, live online chat support on the brand's website, exclusive in-store events hosted by the brand's experts, and interactive virtual events where product experts engage with customers directly.

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