Tell us your Stellar story so far…

New to the staffing industry, I joined Stellar (then Mash) in 2016 as an account executive. I worked on the retail team specifically looking after the Nike account, as well as on smaller retail activations, steadily working my way up to my current role as senior account manager.

What did you do for work before you became a Stellar person?

I trained as an actor at the Guildford School of Acting and achieved a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre. While looking for acting roles after graduation, I worked in the field as a brand ambassador. A change in direction saw me take up a role with, working first in customer service before helping launch their client servicing team.

What first appealed to you about the company?

During my time in the field, I worked for Mash and knew of the company. When a role became available, I jumped at the chance to work in a more diverse environment supporting some of the world’s biggest brands.


What are the most enjoyable or satisfying elements of your role?

I enjoy working with people and assisting them to follow their chosen career path. While supporting Nike, I have been lucky enough to witness many success stories – individuals we recruited into their initial job giving them a foot in the door, then watching them thrive in the UK or Amsterdam HQ.







Share one piece of advice you would give to somebody hoping to become a Stellar person.

Be honest, be realistic and always ask questions. We want to work with only the best, so come prepared and be ready to work hard. We work closely with our staff, so stay in touch and remember, there is no such thing as a ‘silly question’.


What predictions do you have for the retail industry for the next 12 months?

I predict retail will slowly wake up over the next few months, with many more brands acknowledging that customers are shopping differently now. They are looking for experiences and to connect with products – they want to be hands on before making their purchase. Retail has adapted well during COVID but I see more engaging adaptations occurring over the next six months. Fingers crossed it flourishes.


How do you usually spend your weekends?

I make sure I spend time with my partner, exploring new places in London and normally eating too much in new restaurants. I am also a musician so, when venues are fully open again, I expect you will find me playing at gigs or watching some of my favourite bands.

Do you have a hobby or skill that people find surprising about you?

In my acting days, I worked on the side as a children’s entertainer and became quite good at balloon modelling, basic magic and even face-painting. Aside from that, I have been playing drums since I was 13 years old and it is a huge passion in my life – I am currently restoring a vintage snare drum as a side project.


What is the one thing you consider yourself to be really good at – big or small?

I like to consider myself a good improviser and able to think on my feet. There have been times in my career when I have had to make quick decisions to reach a goal. Sometimes this means using whatever you have to hand and making it work, quickly finding solutions.


Which friend or relative did you catch up with in the flesh first once lockdown restrictions began to lift and where did you meet?

As the majority of my family live outside London, the first person I met up with was my band mate Alex at a studio we use in North London. We got together for a band rehearsal (the first proper one in more than eight months) and had a great evening running through new material and ideas.

I am also waiting to be allowed to see my nan, who is currently in care. Once restrictions ease I shall be heading back to Norwich to see her.


Which delayed gig, show or event did you book and are excited for as soon as it can happen?

2020 was the year a few close friends were due to get married, so I am really looking forward to when they are rescheduled and we can all attend. We had also booked a tour with the band that had to be cancelled, so fingers crossed this can happen at the end of this year, or early in 2022.


If money was no object, describe the first trip you will take once overseas travel is allowed.

Years ago I remember watching ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ so I would try to recreate that – travelling across South America, all the way from Buenos Aires to Mexico. If that is not possible, I will take a beach in Bali.

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