In the world of retail, showrooms often operate behind closed doors, serving as a space for product showcases for third-party retailers and staff training, largely unseen by customers.

However, within these walls lies an opportunity — a chance to unlock the hidden potential and transform this showroom into a multipurpose space for video shopping, masterclasses, online events and content creation to reach a brand’s audience across channels.

The expenses involved in keeping a physical showroom open and staffed are substantial, yet the foot traffic and sales coming through these spaces don’t always justify the costs. By repurposing these underutilised spaces into hybrid spaces with video and content production capabilities, you can boost your brand’s return on investment significantly.

It’s about making your showroom work harder as a multifunctional space tailored to meet your omnichannel retail strategy. This goes beyond just enabling live video shopping to involve masterclasses, online events and content creation optimised for different channels. The transformation makes your showroom a truly hybrid space that offers flexibility in engaging audiences.

Where to start

Design has a pivotal role in maximising the value and ROI of a showroom. It’s about more than aesthetics. Through collaborative planning and meticulous design execution, you can transform your showroom into a standout space. The process involves mapping an optimal design based on brand-specific needs and project scope. This can involve anything from a full reshuffle of the space to adding studio equipment to existing fixtures. The resulting environment doesn’t just catch the eye; it generates and qualifies leads.

When designing spaces for video shopping, your newly converted studio needs to align with the brand’s essence and personality, but don’t forget the need for optimal lighting, acoustics, and backdrops. Using top-tier audio and camera equipment will also help ensure a high level of quality. The most successful retail designs blend practical considerations for your staff with an enticing allure for your customers.

Partnerships equal success

When contemplating the conversion of your showroom into a hybrid retail space with video and content production capabilities, finding a video shopping partner who can offer guidance on essential considerations and address any technical concerns can make all the difference.

If you don’t have the internal resources for staff training, hiring experts proficient in guiding customers through the video shopping journey will also prove to be vital. Additionally, a reliable partner can provide user-friendly video shopping platforms that seamlessly integrate with your existing e-commerce solutions.

Tapping into the data

Enchanting spaces that captivate shoppers and drive meaningful connections are achieved through an analytical, results-driven process. Continuously refining designs based on impact against desired objectives allows the next iteration to be even more effective.

Therefore, continuously collecting and analysing customer engagement within your video shopping studio is key for optimising return on investment. This customer data reveals how to reduce friction and improve experience, empowering you to create a retail environment that is more effective at driving sales growth.

At Stellar, we help our clients take this data-driven approach and transform their retail strategies. One of our clients saw sales spike 110% year-over-year, after transitioning their showroom to a video shopping studio guided by engagement analytics. At the same time, their customer conversion rate increased by 20% alongside a 25% rise in average order value.

Defining the future of retail

Transforming your showroom into a video shopping studio isn’t just a savvy move; it’s a powerful way to reimagine space and drive meaningful returns. By leveraging this existing space for video shopping, your brand can elevate its ROI without hefty investments.

It’s about maximising every square foot efficiently, turning a traditionally non-consumer-facing area into a bustling hub that not only showcases products but also drives sales directly. It’s a transformation that reshapes how we perceive showrooms and redefines their potential in today’s dynamic retail landscape.

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