As the official retail experience partner of luxury kitchen appliances retailer, Sage, we help them create and execute complete omnichannel retail experiences that delight customers no matter where they choose to shop. In meeting shoppers across multiple touchpoints in their purchasing journey, our teams are able to consistently drive sales and brand advocacy for Sage, creating a community of dedicated Customers for Life.

The Highlights

  • 1 in 4 customers

    returning to shop

    with e-commerce experience

  • 3x daily revenue

    with in-store retail


  • Creating an omnichannel

    blueprint for expansion

    into new markets

  • Delivering a

    positive ROI faster

The Vision

As leaders in the world of luxury kitchen appliances, Sage understand the power of meeting your customers where they are. Enlisting Stellar as their trusted omnichannel partner, we’ve helped them build a retail strategy that spans across both physical and virtual spaces.

Our goal is to continuously expand the Sage community and drive product sales through interactive retail experiences that seamlessly join up the customer’s journey from screen to real life and back again.

A Stellar

Working closely with the brand for over 10 years, we have helped them achieve their goals through a number of initiatives and projects that cater to the full customer journey — on and offline.

For example, we’ve rolled out a unique product demonstration programme both online and in-store, in eight countries across Europe. Driven by more than 100 permanent, Stellar-trained experts, this programme puts Sage products in the hands and screens of new and existing shoppers who are primed and ready for purchasing.

We have also supported Sage with the activation of eight shop-in-shop spaces. These state-of-the-art retail spaces were created with customer experience at the heart of their design, successfully enabling sales conversions even when shoppers are unassisted. Welcome points kitted out with tablets invite coffee enthusiasts to share their coffee preferences, empowering them to find their perfect machine. Interactive screens share educational content that help customers learn more about the products on offer and access virtual masterclasses in mere moments.

One of our most rewarding projects has been the creation of Sage Studios — a groundbreaking studio space where our highly skilled team of product experts broadcast product demonstrations, run live shopping events, and deliver 1:1 customer support via video chat.

Working live from the studios, we helped Sage not only break into the realms of social selling but also reach impressive highs on these platforms within a matter of months. After cultivating a brand-new following from scratch, we helped the brand make TikTok EU history by delivering the biggest single brand live selling event during Black Friday 2022.

Aside from the cutting-edge technology that powers all our retail experiences, the critical factor in ensuring that Sage’s omnichannel retail strategy triumphs is our people. We have diligently sourced the best talent from within the industry to build a team of knowledgeable product experts who understand Sage’s brand and customers inside out.

Combining exceptional service and advanced technology, we are empowering Sage to overcome physical and virtual barriers — reaching bigger audiences, creating more impressive retail experiences, and generating record sales.


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