• Capture the attention of fresh, highly-engaged audiences
  • Serve up captivating content in pioneering formats, on every platform
  • Build communities of loyal customers who are ready to buy
  • Fuel high-value sales conversions by using imaginative content and shoppable video
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Join 100s of UK brands that are already monetising customer engagement by partnering with a social selling agency

Direct sales, in the hands of your customers, with Stellar's social selling solution and shoppable video

45%more sales opportunities through social

76%of buyers ready to connect through social

1 in 4will return to your shop after contact

TikTok Shopofficial UK partners

Pioneersof shoppable video on social & YouTube

METAexperts, to connect with your customers everywhere

Social selling

Reach the next generation of shoppers

The next generation of shoppers is waiting for you on social media – we can help you reach them.

Our talented team of content creators, fully trained by Stellar, are here to supercharge your following, ignite interaction and maximise ROI. Through live shoppable video events, masterclasses and always-on video content, we help you forge Customers for Life on every platform.

This is where shopping meets entertainment. With Stellar, you can delight your audiences and create new communities – no matter what platform they use.

  • Create a devoted community of brand enthusiasts from scratch and establish long-term trust on every platform.
  • Unlock new sales possibilities through real-time assistance, where real people lead users through every step of the customer journey.
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A recipe for social selling success


  • High-quality video and audio, and low-latency connections create a seamless, buffer-free shoppable video experience.
  • Advanced data collection and reporting tools provide priceless insights that empower you to enhance your offering.


  • Talented product experts and content creators, hand-selected for you, ensuring every customer interaction is a perfect representation of your brand. Whether in a social selling event or on your posts.
  • As a social selling agency, we provide in-depth, inspirational training to create product experts, customer care specialists and social sales masters.


  • Whether on your shop floor, dedicated studio or simply out and about, we’ll design an authentic experience for your brand and customers.
  • We deliver educational, entertaining brand content from wherever you are, to reach your audience wherever they are and convert them into paying customers.

Setting you up for social selling success

The key to success when utilising social selling is recruiting and training the right team. We not only source and train your dedicated team of social sales masters, but we also deploy social listening strategies and consistently create engaging content that builds your following to help you sell more, no matter the platform.

Creating a seamless in-app shopping experience

Customers can interact with your brand and product experts wherever they shop. Whether they’re looking for TikTok live shoppable video experiences, Instagram and YouTube Q&As or advice on direct messages – we offer a multitude of ways to connect with your audience, guiding them through to the point of sale and onto post-purchase support.

Connect with shoppers in real-time with live shoppable video events
Highlight your products to an engaged audience via in-feed videos
Showcase your products across your branded social channels

Making Sage social through TikTok Shop

On the back of their successful Sage Studios launch, Sage Appliances wanted to work with us as their dedicated social selling agency. We began by creating their TikTok Shop and building an audience from scratch, with the aim to increase brand awareness, attract new customers and deliver a powerful virtual experience that would foster a community of Customers for Life.

The Results:

  • Over 1 million views in the first 90 days
  • 1,600% increase in average daily follower growth
  • 55,000+ likes within three months
  • Record-breaking live selling event in TikTok EU history

“An outstanding campaign which really set the bar for high-end consumer goods sales on TikTok. Everything has been meticulously thought out to the nth degree and it shows in the results.”

Judges, Performance Marketing Awards 2023

Why work with Stellar to create your social selling strategy?

As well as being an official TikTok Shop Agency Partner with an established history of delivering award-winning brand experiences and shoppable video events for big-name retail brands across the globe, our social selling strategy is to build unforgettable customer experiences that fuel consistent ROI. We’ll find your audience, wherever they shop.


Social selling leverages social platforms to build relationships, engage with potential customers, and ultimately drive sales. It involves using these platforms, like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, as tools to connect, educate, and offer value to your audience rather than relying solely on physical sales experiences. By sharing powerful content, offering valuable insights, and responding to queries, brands establish themselves as trusted and knowledgeable sellers. Social selling is about understanding the needs and interests of potential customers, engaging with them in meaningful ways, and guiding them through their purchasing journey. This approach taps into the power of social networks to establish rapport, cultivate brand loyalty, and convert interested prospects into satisfied buyers.

Working with a social selling agency offers numerous benefits, including expanded reach and brand visibility. It enables direct engagement with potential customers, fostering genuine relationships that lead to trust and loyalty. This approach enhances your reputation as an industry expert and allows you to tailor solutions to customer needs, resulting in higher conversion rates. By leveraging social media's interactive nature, social selling also provides real-time insights into customer preferences, helping you refine your strategies. Ultimately, it boosts sales, shortens the sales cycle, and creates a more personalised and customer-centric sales process.

To get started with social selling – you first need to understand your audience, learning where and how they like to shop. Develop a compelling profile, highlighting your expertise and offering. Engage with users with product experts, respond to comments and participate in conversations. Share powerful content that resonates with your customers. Monitor your data and progress to refine your approach.


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