Tastefully designed retail spaces that catch the eye and attract new customers.

  • Break the mould with an exceptional, creative retail design agency
  • Drive engagement with attractive, bespoke retail shopfitting
  • Leverage high-quality retail design to generate and qualify leads
  • Put customers in the hands of friendly product experts
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Take your brand presence to the next level

DeviseWe work with you to plan an optimal design based on your needs and project scope

DesignOur team produces the stand-out creatives to model your custom design proposal

BuildOur production team brings your design to life so you can inspire and connect with your customers with a bespoke retail shopfitting

Retail design

Spaces that deliver exceptional results

Our bespoke retail shopfitting – IRL or virtual – will turn the heads of potential customers, generating more sales.

Our design team has extensive experience in crafting bespoke retail shopfitting and retail spaces, and has worked with a variety of brands in offline and online channels. As a result, they know how to capture and elevate a brand’s unique aesthetics, and how it can be optimised to maximise engagement and sales.

  • Experienced design teams will work with you to understand your vision.
  • We will draw up designs to help you visualise your space, we value your input at every stage of design.
  • Whether you need a space for physical retail or virtual, we have experience in designing and achieving growth for both channels.
  • Stand out from other brands in shared, third-party retail spaces and become the star attraction.
  • Gain new potential leads who are drawn to your beautifully designed space.


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Setting the scene for retail success


  • Use the aesthetics of your chosen retail space to inspire potential customers.
  • Flexibility and potential to be the star attraction in a third-party store.


  • From customer engagement to the amount of time each individual spends in your space, we report on every interaction.
  • That data is used to optimise the space, leading to a greater ROI.


  • As a creative retail design agency, our experienced design teams relish the challenge and know how to deliver with flair.
  • Whether you’re running online masterclasses or selling in-store, we know how to maximise what you want.

How to draw eyes and grab interest

We create in-real-life and virtual retail designs to keep customers firmly interested. Once the design has done the initial work of sparking interest, our excellent product experts can move customers down the sales funnel and eventually help them convert.

Our assisted and non-assisted concession design is flexible – you can move customers along the journey without any product experts or staff nearby. Using customer behaviour data, we strategically place screens with interactive content and reading material to keep customers engaged and informed of the next steps.

In the virtual world, customers have more options, so a lot of effort goes into creating aesthetic designs that are hard to look away from, and encourage repeat visits. This allows you to create more leads, convert them, maximise sales and build your brand community.

Delivering the future of retail for Sage

As Sage Appliances’ partner for all physical retail experiences across Europe, our team designed, built and continues to staff a bespoke retail shopfitting and immersive shopping experience across three shop-in-shop spaces in John Lewis.

Leveraging cutting-edge retail design and innovative technology, Sage customers can discover their perfect machine even when unassisted by a product expert.

From dedicated iPad stations helping shoppers understand their coffee habits to an interactive wall that provides educational content on all things coffee, we’re helping Sage drive sales and create Customers for Life.

The results:

  • 110% increase in sales YOY
  • 20% uplift in customer conversion
  • Average order value increased by 25% since installation

Why should you choose Stellar to design your omnichannel offering?

We’ve been in and out of retail spaces across Europe since our foundation, and we’ve been there since virtual shopping, onboarding and masterclasses came into existence. We have worked with a range of clients and designed their retail spaces to deliver greater ROI and customer retention through our creativity, data driven insights and expertise.


First impressions are everything. Creating a positive first impression starts a relationship on optimistic grounds, and in the world of retail, a part of that is driven by the aesthetic design of your retail space, whether physical or virtual. While a shopper may not have left home with your brand in mind, you can still win them over and introduce them to your offering by compelling them in some way. We do this with a bespoke retail shopfitting that leaves shoppers with no choice but to explore and find out what is being advertised. Shoppers are generally ready and willing to explore, so we make sure we give them something they haven’t seen before that compels them to investigate.

This largely depends on you, the channels and what you hope to gain. Good retail design must reflect your brand personality, communicate your values and create a positive impression upon customers. Depending on whether you’re launching an awareness campaign or actively looking to sell, the design will be adjusted to achieve the desired outcome. Another point of difference also stems from the channel being used, which normally falls into physical or virtual. Spaces require optimisation in terms of practicality for staff manning it, and the charm of the design for customers. Ultimately, measuring the results against desired outcomes helps us understand what works and what doesn’t, which leads to improved and refined retail designs in the future.

Yes. One of our greatest strengths is our people. We invest as much as we can into their training, skills and confidence to deliver the best retail experiences. Our large directory of staff means we have the people for any brand, any channel, no matter the objective. We conduct regular retail training, and more in-depth training for brand-specific assignments. If you want to learn more about our retail design strategy, speak to our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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