Enrich your customers’ sales journey with personal attention and make them customers for life

  • Give customers access to friendly product experts to teach them how to use their new purchase
  • Offer onboarding and masterclasses across every channel, whether in-store or a dedicated studio
  • Drastically reduce returns and buyer remorse with onboarding
  • Build a community of customers devoted to your brand
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Our partners are already building customer-based communities with onboarding and masterclass sessions

Onboarding and post-purchase aftercare means more ROI and customers for life

3xOnline order value increase after interacting with experts

15%Average conversion post-video demo

REDUCEreturn rates

Our solution

Educate shoppers to win more

Our post-purchase onboarding classes serve as the ideal entry point for new customers to learn about their product from a highly trained and personable product expert.

Big ticket, luxury purchases require some aftercare, and instead of directing customers to pre-made videos, customers can enjoy a more personal experience with a real human being who can answer questions in real time.

Our masterclasses are run by handpicked, trained experts who are comfortable delivering masterclass sessions 1-to-1 or in a group. We can also conduct sessions in branded stores, third-party retailers or from your own dedicated studio or virtual space. They can show off different features of the product and help customers get the most of their new purchases.

  • The masterclasses are fun, and customers tend to come back for more. This represents a potential revenue stream, monetising your newfound customer community.
  • Give customers all the information they need, creating a positive experience.
  • Free onboarding and access to masterclasses breed brand loyalty.
  • An opportunity to upsell and cross-sell other products being shown and demonstrated.
  • Offer an added component to the customer journey that your competitors don’t.
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Optimising the post-purchase experience


  • No matter where the sessions are being delivered from, the design must reflect and complement the brand.
  • We can build and run your onboarding and masterclass space wherever you want – branded store, third-party retailer or virtually.


  • We regularly conduct surveys with everyone who joins onboarding and masterclasses to optimise the experience.
  • We can track customers and attribute further sales to onboarding and masterclass sessions.


  • We deliver lengthy and comprehensive training programmes to product experts.
  • We handpick the most enthusiastic, personable and well-suited people to run your onboarding and masterclass sessions.

Create trust with customers to encourage repeat purchases and upselling

A brand’s work isn’t done once the sale is made – customers need attention after the purchase. Especially after making big-ticket purchases, customers want some attention. The onboarding process helps to educate customers on how to properly use and maximise their new purchase. It also makes it easier to introduce the concept of masterclasses later down the line.

Masterclasses work similarly, and rely on customers wanting to do more with their purchase. Showing customers different ways to use their purchase gives them more utility out of your product, and can foster a sense of loyalty and drive repeat business.

Whether you want to deliver sessions online or in-store, we have the people, knowledge and experience to set it up and staff it with the well-trained and experienced retail professionals. We constantly monitor a variety of metrics and are always optimising the sessions in real-time.

Serving Sage’s customers

Sage had been successfully selling products online, but there was a demand from customers to know how their machines worked and what they could do with it.

To that end, we designed, delivered and staffed the Sage Studios within six months. From this beautifully-designed space, Sage product experts delivered countless onboarding sessions and masterclasses to both individuals and groups, in multiple languages.

The Results:

  • 350 virtual classes delivered
  • Avg. attendance of 100 customers per class
  • Delivered in 8 different languages

“The reality is that we just don’t know where, when or how consumers want to engage with us – Stellar gets us connected to consumers across a multitude of platforms, be it in-store, our site, retailer sites, live masterclasses, TikTok and whatever the next platform is that pops up tomorrow. Most importantly Stellar controls a consistent and well practiced narrative across all touch points.”

David Gubbin, President EMEA, Sage Appliances

Why should you choose Stellar to deliver your onboarding and masterclass sessions?

If there is one thing that has remained consistent in retail, it’s that customers value engagement. They derive value from expert help, speaking to assistants and learning more about the product. Onboarding and masterclasses comprise the next generation of the shop assistant, by formalising post-purchase care into onboarding and masterclasses.

We have delivered both in physical retail spaces, and dedicated studios constructed for streaming and live video. We are extremely passionate about helping your brand connect with your customers and building a community of loyal fans.


For us, onboarding sessions are intended for new customers, who’ve recently purchased a product. With the product sold, customers can usually find instructions to book for an onboarding session, which can be conducted online or in person. During this session, the product expert runs through the features, how to use it, what to avoid and much more. It’s also an opportunity for customers to ask specific questions and have them answered by a real person with a smile.

Masterclasses tend to be more streamlined than onboarding sessions, with there usually being a focus to the class. The people delivering the class can choose to show off a specific feature of a product, and let customers know what it's capable of in experienced hands. This helps to boost the image of the product, and gives customers something to try themselves later on. Masterclasses can be used to cross sell and upsell too, as maybe certain techniques and features work best with ancillary products, or the next model up. It treats customers as people, who can gain something from the class without giving up anything but their time. Once they have a positive, enjoyable experience, there is a good chance they’ll turn up for the next session, further tying them to the brand.

It’s possible to demonstrate nearly any product, and therefore every kind of business is suitable for onboarding and masterclasses. Nearly every product imaginable has some sort of learning curve associated with its use, as well as extra features that may not be obviously apparent to a first-time user. We’d love to speak to you about how we can set up your onboarding and masterclass strategy, speak to our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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