Transform customers into brand advocates with expert field marketing that brings your product to your audience, wherever they are.

  • Get customers engaged and excited about your product, wherever they are
  • From sampling campaigns to exhibitions and festivals, we’ll get your brand out there
  • Build quality relationships and turn leads into Customers for Life
  • Receive granular analytics on field marketing campaigns and measure your success
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Join 100s of brands already putting their trust in our field marketing agency, delivering exceptional experiences for their customers.

Field marketing experts

Unlock the power of people

Great retail experiences are driven by exceptional individuals. Whether it’s for a retail activation, dedicated brand experience or roadshow, our dedicated field marketing experts handpick the best talent for your brand. We’ll connect with your audience out there, wherever they are.

Real human connections, real results

At Stellar, we understand the power of human interaction in shaping brand perception. After all, a positive customer experience with your representatives can significantly impact their choice and brand loyalty. We leverage our extensive experience in field marketing to develop strategies that prioritise human connection and create impactful campaigns, ensuring every encounter is memorable.

Beyond creating memorable moments, we deliver tangible results. By combining our product expertise and sales capabilities, we help you achieve significant business growth. Whether it’s increased brand awareness through targeted campaigns, samples distributed, or tickets sold, we work with you to develop a winning formula that drives your success.

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Make your experiences a success with our field marketing agency team

85%of UK shoppers would be encouraged to buy a product after a demonstration with a product expert

73%of UK shoppers want a product expert to give them an understanding of how products work

59%of UK shoppers would not buy a product costing more than £250 without testing it and seeing how it works

A different kind of field marketing agency

At Stellar, we go beyond simply selecting field marketing experts. Our UK and European talent teams collaborate closely with you to understand your specific needs and the ideal candidate profile for your campaigns. Through rigorous interviews and evaluations, we ensure you receive the perfect match for your team, guaranteeing a valuable addition to your project.

We believe in maintaining the highest standards. Unlike agencies relying on external partners or temporary workers, all our staff are directly employed by us. This allows for thorough vetting and comprehensive training, ensuring every individual delivers exceptional experiences. And, as a Living Wage Employer, we recognise the importance of our people and strive to cultivate a supportive and motivating environment. We know that happy and well-treated staff translate to exceptional customer interactions.

We prioritise providing our field marketing experts with the resources and support they need to excel in any situation. This commitment guarantees you a consistent level of expertise, passion, and experience, forming the solid foundation for a truly successful experiential campaign.

A team for every occasion

As a full-service field marketing agency, our skilled teams provide comprehensive support for a wide range of experiential marketing activities:

      • Interactive brand activations
      • Pop-up shops and short-term retail experiences
      • Engaging roadshows
      • Promotional campaigns
      • In-store and front-of-house marketing
      • Effective product sampling campaigns

From staffing and logistics to set-up and detailed reporting, we handle every aspect of your campaign, ensuring complete transparency throughout the process.

Launching fresh innovations with Bosch

Together with Bosch, we were proud to support the launch of its exciting, first-of-its-kind product, the Bosch FreshUp.

The Results:

  • Launched in 6 strategic locations
  • 260 days of activity at key trading times
  • Product experts trained to specific location requirements
  • Interactive out-of-home advertising

Why choose Stellar as your field marketing agency?

We have a track record of delivering top-quality experiences for brands with our field marketing teams. Through expertise, creativity and data-driven insights, we build something unique for every one of your customers, increasing retention and consistently delivering ROI.


Field marketing agencies help brands connect directly with customers outside of traditional advertising, through activities like in-store demos, product sampling, and events. They aim to build brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales.

The cost varies depending on your project scope, specific services needed, and location. Discuss your budget and needs with potential agencies to compare pricing models (hourly rates, project fees, retainers).

The Return on Investment (ROI) from employing a field marketing agency can differ widely based on the programme's success, how well ambassadors resonate with the brand's target audience, and the overall execution of the marketing strategy. An effective field marketing programme can result in heightened brand awareness, improved engagement rates, and, ultimately, increased sales.


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