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For more than eight years, we have been supporting Samsung to deliver exceptional omnichannel retail experiences that span physical and virtual spaces, and everything in between.

We designed an omnichannel strategy to empower Samsung to meet their customers wherever they choose to interact with the brand. From Samsung KX — their purpose-built, flagship experience space in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London — to live broadcasts and virtual events, we’re driving greater brand loyalty and ROI for Samsung.

The Highlights

  • 20,000 sq ft revolutionary experiential space

  • 94% CSAT for live chat support

  • 5.4 million views of live stream events

  • 120% of sales target achieved

The Vision

A global leader in cutting-edge technology, Samsung understand better than most the importance of exceptional customer service. They turned to Stellar to create an omnichannel strategy that would bridge the gap between physical and digital, enabling the brand to deliver outstanding service to customers everywhere.

A Stellar experience

As our partnership has developed over the years, we have helped Samsung bring its outstanding experience store, Samsung KX, to life. Out of this space, we can facilitate a whole host of engaging retail interactions with consumers. While Samsung KX offers a fantastic physical space for in-person retail experiences, we also maximise its potential through live broadcast events, virtual product demos, and much more.

Space: the heart of Samsung KX

When Samsung KX was first conceptualised, more than four years ago, we made a commitment to delivering experiences rather than transactions. To this day, we help Samsung maximise the 20,000 sq ft retail space by focusing 80% of all activity on innovative, immersive customer experiences.

As Samsung’s European flagship store, it is the place to showcase all that the brand can offer. Across the East Wing, West Wing and Centre Stage areas that make up Samsung KX, we’ve created dedicated spaces that help visitors see, hear and feel the range of ground-breaking technology.

Our three bespoke smart homes offer a real-life display of Samsung’s SmartThings technology, allowing customers to envision how they can make their everyday lives simpler, more efficient and far more enjoyable. From connected kitchens to TV lounges, these purpose-built stations put a spotlight on all the latest domestic appliances and tech that makes life better.

Visitors can also explore what’s on offer in the Gaming Bus and F1 Racing Simulator. Here, Samsung screens, surround sound headphones and performance gaming chairs provide the ultimate gaming experience that alight all the senses.

Tech: delivering omnichannel experiences

At Samsung KX, we leverage cutting-edge technology to drive immersive omnichannel customer experiences, ensuring the brand engages with its audiences wherever they are.

For example, Centre Stage — an incredible space designed to feel like an amphitheatre — houses Screen Max, the largest curved screen in Britain. From here, we launched Samsung’s first-ever UK live broadcast and have gone on to run hundreds of high-production value events each year, both in-person and via live broadcast. In 2023 alone, we ran 240 events including 28 live streams with huge success.

From product launches to interactive masterclasses, our team of skilled experts lead events, answering questions and providing in-depth demonstrations so that customers can get to grips with the products no matter whether they’re sat in Centre Stage or at home on their phone.

For customers unable to visit Samsung KX, we can still provide them with personalised product support and 1:1 access to product experts working within the space thanks to the technology we have set up. Our advanced video chat capabilities empower our in-store team to give remote customers guided assistance from the comfort of their homes, using the array of products showcased at KX to illustrate proper usage and functions.

This level of individualised attention creates an engaging experience that rivals an in-store visit, and the 2000 video calls we’ve taken in 2023 alone go to show just how much customers appreciate the support.

People: weaving seamless customer journeys

Beyond the state-of-the-art technology that underpins all our work, it is the 60-strong product expert team that has been pivotal in ensuring the success of Samsung’s omnichannel retail strategy. Meticulously handpicked and trained to exacting standards, these retail professionals are responsible for connecting with Samsung customers who come to visit Samsung KX and those choosing to interact with the brand in a virtual environment. 25% of these professionals have been with us since day one, developing an unmatched expertise of the Samsung brand, its ethos, and its product suite.

Highly knowledgeable, our retail team prides itself on providing information to customers without pressuring sales. Their focus is on customer experience — listening to each individual’s needs and seamlessly guiding them to the products and services that suit them best. This personal, human-centred approach has led to glowing customer feedback. Visitors appreciate being able to explore and enjoy the free-flowing space, knowing there are skilled experts in every zone ready to help with any questions.

Our trained retail staff also provide unrivalled assistance through the dedicated Support Centre at Samsung KX, where customers can easily book appointments or simply walk in to have their devices repaired by highly qualified professionals, often on the spot. In 2023 alone, the Support Centre has facilitated over 4,800 appointments and 3,300 walk-ins, completing more than 3,600 repairs, underscoring the value and convenience our expert team brings to customers’ lives.

Thanks to the power of omnichannel, we’ve enabled Samsung to reach more expansive audiences, produce remarkable retail experiences, and consistently hit revenue targets.


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