Connect with your customers to sell more and promote positive experiences.

Our talented brand ambassadors are highly trained to meet the needs of your brand, helping to engage customers in a full range of experiences and get the results you need.

  • Product experts who look, talk and sell like your brand
  • Increase your brand exposure through interactions that delight
  • Support your marketing and sales efforts to generate better ROI
  • Engage with customers to create brand advocates and Customers for Life
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Join 100s of brands already putting their trust in our brand ambassador agency, delivering exceptional experiences for their customers.

Brand ambassadors

Unlock the power of people

At the heart of every retail interaction, there have to be exceptional individuals. Whether it’s for a new store opening or a dedicated brand experience, our dedicated  Talent Team handpicks the finest brand ambassadors to connect with your audience.

Real human connections, real results

We know that excellent customer experiences lead to growth. But we like to take things one step further, using our expertise to craft genuine relationships with customers so they’ll want to keep coming back for more and become what we call Customers for Life.

We’ll place your products directly in front of customers, wherever they shop. From engaging physical brand stores to online events, our passionate brand ambassadors fully integrate with your brand – they’ll look like you, talk like you and turn maybes into yes’s.

Give your customers engaging experiences that promote trust and unlock genuine results.

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Make your experiences a success with our brand ambassador agency

85%of UK shoppers would be encouraged to buy a product after a demonstration with a product expert

73%of UK shoppers want a product expert to give them an understanding of how products work

59%of UK shoppers would not buy a product costing more than £250 without testing it and seeing how it works

A different type of brand ambassador

Each of our brand ambassadors is hand-picked for our brand partners. Our UK and European talent teams work closely with stakeholders to determine the best candidate type and rigorously interview, test and evaluate applicants to ensure you always get the finest addition to your campaign. Because every person, and every interaction, matters!

The people employed as brand ambassadors are employees of Stellar. We don’t use external partners or temp workers to fill gaps – everyone is fully vetted and trained to the highest standard to deliver the best experience. As a Living Wage Employer, we value the power of our people and know that brand ambassadors and field staff that are well looked after and happy, deliver the best experience to customers.

We want to empower our teams to shine their brightest in any activation. This ensures you get a consistent level of skill, passion and experience: the perfect foundations for experiential success.

A team for every occasion

As a full-service brand experience agency, our talented teams can support brands with any number of activations, ensuring a high level of expertise that provides the platform for great results:

      • Brand stores
      • Third-party retail
      • Live shopping
      • Social selling
      • Pop-ups & exhibitions
      • Roadshows

Our teams handle every aspect of your promotion, from staffing to set-up, logistics to reporting – ensuring you get full transparency across the length of your campaign.

Running a different brand ambassador team with Therabody

When Therabody wanted to launch their concession in the prestigious Harrods concession, we knew just how valuable a team of highly-trained brand ambassadors would be to provide ROI-generating product demos. So that’s exactly what we delivered.

The Results:

  • 33% conversion rate
  • 35% of customers returning to shop
  • 80% customer participation in demos
  • Biggest physical launch for Therabody in the UK

Why choose Stellar as your brand ambassador agency?

We have a proven track record of delivering quality experiences for brands with our ambassadors teams. Through creativity, expertise and data-driven insights, we build something unique for all of your customers, increasing retention and consistently delivering ROI.


A brand ambassador agency specialises in connecting brands with individuals who can effectively represent and promote the brand to a broader audience. These agencies manage a network of brand ambassadors tasked with increasing brand awareness and engaging potential customers through various marketing strategies. Ambassadors include anyone who embodies the brand's values and can authentically communicate the brand's message across social media, events, and direct interactions. Agencies provide the necessary framework, support, and management to execute successful ambassador programmes, ensuring they align with the brand's marketing objectives and target demographic.

The cost of engaging a brand ambassador agency can significantly vary, depending on factors such as the campaign's scope, the number of ambassadors required, the agency's level of expertise, and the length of the ambassadorship.

The Return on Investment (ROI) from employing a brand ambassador agency can differ widely based on the programme's success, how well ambassadors resonate with the brand's target audience, and the overall execution of the marketing strategy. An effective brand ambassador programme can result in heightened brand awareness, improved engagement rates, and, ultimately, an increase in sales.


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