Our talented, multi-skilled team based at Samsung KX, a unique brand space in King’s Cross, London, produced and put to air multiple broadcasts showcasing the new Samsung Galaxy S21 phone range for the viewing public to watch and enjoy for their new initiative ‘Samsung People Live’.

Aligned with the global launch date of the product, the live streams were available on the Samsung website and YouTube in order to drive online engagement and bring customers into the KX environment virtually.

The interactive broadcasts featured entertaining and informative hands-on demonstrations and gave audience members a chance to chat with experts, win Samsung prizes and browse links to make instant purchases.


Every member of the Samsung KX team was originally sourced and selected by Stellar.

Thanks to a winning combination of our in-depth, immersive training programme and the team’s natural ability to connect with customers, they were equipped to storyboard, script, film and present the live broadcasts from start to finish.

With expert-level knowledge of Samsung products and extensive demonstration experience, the training team was selected as presenters; their skills further honed by leading tours and workshops in-store.

The technology and events teams were on hand to help with camera and engineering issues while a specially created in-house production team filmed the content on Samsung devices with amazing results.


We strongly believe in useful data and our virtual retail experiences provide perfect scenarios from which to gather real time, relevant information.

This invaluable data is analysed and converted into actionable insights and, from these broadcasts, we were able to monitor and report on everything from audience reach and engagement time, to participant demographic and specific sales details.

From these insights, tweaks can be made and improvements implemented to ensure Samsung’s live streams go from strength to strength and continue to impress and delight audiences, while maximising on sales opportunities.


The diverse talent within the Samsung team meant they could turn the brand’s live stream vision into a reality without out-sourcing any element of the process.

Via their devices, whether at home or on the move, the audience was immersed in a virtual Samsung product event giving them direct access to the experts and a chance to experience the KX space.

As well as introducing viewers to a new Samsung phone, the live streams sought to add value through meaningful engagement and education, all the while building brand community.

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