As an agency with human connection at our core, we deliver engaging experiences for our clients across a multitude of platforms, both physically and virtually.

We reach out to the Sage community in myriad ways, opening up educational and entertaining opportunities to enrich their experience with the brand and empowering them to get the most from the products they buy. Sage virtual masterclasses offer coffee machine owners the chance to really get to grips with their appliance in their own homes, enabling them to nail the perfect coffee every time. Delivered across 45 countries in five different languages, Sage masterclasses are accessible, interactive and informative.










Our masterclass hosts are based in locations across Europe, each with their individual style, bags of product knowledge and proven sales abilities.

They are our top performing, most experienced brand ambassadors and know every inch of Sage’s luxury kitchen appliances.

Warm and personable, our hosts share their passion and wisdom with audiences in a clear and engaging manner, giving participants the confidence to get involved and ask questions.

Audiences are able to easily connect with and learn from our experts, enabling participants to take their new found knowledge and use it to become coffee gurus in their own kitchens.

Sage masterclasses are currently being broadcast successfully from brand ambassadors’ homes and partner roasteries across the UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, but filming will shift to our new Sage Studios in the near future.

These studios will be virtual experience hubs – unique and purpose built, with open-plan kitchen spaces and soundproof booths from which a variety of content can be broadcast, either one to one or one to many, live or on demand.



We never stop evolving.

To ensure we continually improve and give audiences exactly what they are looking for, we collect valuable data at registration and feedback after each masterclass from participants and hosts alike.

The data is swiftly analysed to identify positives and, most crucially, expose any gaps in service and performance.

These insights are put to work immediately, enabling us to tweak and tailor content without delay, keeping audiences hooked and maximising on every opportunity to increase revenue.

Stellar & Sage Masterclass
Stellar & Sage Masterclass


Sage masterclasses have been phenomenally successful from the get go.

From day one, brand ambassadors have enjoyed huge numbers of participants signing up and engaging with the sessions, with 1,500 people virtually attending the first class alone, generating €20,000 in product sales – more than 1,000 per cent ROI. Audiences currently range from 50 to 500 people attending each 45-minute interactive session, attracting multinational audiences, reaching more than 45 countries to date and resulting in immediate sales uplift.

The thirst for digital experiences has exploded since the pandemic and the popularity of our masterclasses shows no signs of slowing down.We continue to grow Sage’s offering by working with coffee influencers and providing more varied content, from coffee origins to pro classes and latte art, giving audiences greater choice and further opportunities to immerse themselves in the community and gain new skills.

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