Launching in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Stellar took the blueprint from its much sought after Sage masterclasses and delivered them virtually to a receptive French audience for the first time.

Reaching a multitude of French speaking countries, from Switzerland to Canada, Belgium to the UAE, the sessions introduced participants to the joys of perfecting third wave speciality coffee in their own homes, using luxury Sage kitchen appliances. The masterclasses are delivered by coffee community experts working in partnership with Sage, keen to share their passion for their craft, enabling audiences to immerse themselves in coffee culture and encouraging informed purchases. Pizza masterclasses have also been launched into this market with great success, giving hosts the opportunity to connect with and inspire audiences to create authentic, tasty pizzas in their kitchens while showcasing products and answering questions.










Put simply, Sage masterclass hosts are gurus in their chosen field. Sourced directly from the burgeoning coffee community, Stellar researched and selected the finest roasters and baristas across France to deliver compelling, educational, interactive classes to new and existing Sage coffee machine customers.

Brimming with specialty coffee knowledge and highly respected in the coffee community, our hosts tailor their delivery to audiences, shifting attitudes away from capsule coffee and facilitating the leap to a more authentic, high quality taste experience.

Through the hosts’ passion and expertise, participants are soon engaged and keen to spend more time and effort creating the perfect cup; additionally attendees are offered an attractive discount during the session to encourage purchase. Similarly, our pizza masterclasses are fronted by talented, knowledgeable chefs taking viewers carefully through each step of making delicious, artisan pizzas from scratch.



Masterclass attendees sign up to sessions using Eventbrite, which provides vital information on viewer numbers, registrations and participant location. This data is the perfect scene setter for Sage hosts who can use it to shape content and be fully prepared for their audience.

Further data is gathered during the sessions so as to ascertain which participants are existing Sage coffee machine owners and which may be looking to buy; the streaming sites also enable the collection of information on length of stay for each attendee and the opportunity to pose useful questions.

Survey style questions such as what is your favourite coffee, what would you like to learn next, would you like to learn latte art or more about ratios etc can be posed. The responses collected are extremely valuable and ensure Sage masterclass remain relevant, useful and lucrative.


Using Eventbrite as well as social channels to promote and sell Sage masterclasses has proven to be a winning combination.

Both our French coffee and pizza masterclasses have been viewed by more than 25,000 people each on Eventbrite so far, with that figure set to grow as more become available. To date, in excess of 1,000 viewers have enjoyed the 45 minute coffee sessions, with participants engaged for at least 75% of the duration of the masterclass.

With coffee classes reaching audiences in ten French speaking countries globally and pizza classes enjoyed by viewers in five French speaking countries, the sessions have been well received on an international scale, raising greater awareness of the Sage brand and driving significant revenue.

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