Sage is a global retailer of luxury kitchen appliances.

They engaged with Stellar as a means of connecting more deeply with the consumer and gaining a greater understanding of moment-by-moment sales activity.

As a result, by whichever means a customer makes contact with Sage, Stellar provides the communication solution.







Whether in-store or virtually, through a demo or masterclass, we have built the Sage community from the bottom up through a range of unique and captivating offerings.

Facilitating a complete,  omnichannel experience for Sage, shoppers can access a wealth of knowledge and information in many formats and languages.

Online, demos and masterclasses are offered in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish and physical stores staffed with Sage brand ambassadors are located in eight European countries.

Customers wanting the personal touch can be onboarded through a virtual 1-to-1 set up experience, learning how to get the very best from their product and honing their skills with the help of a dedicated expert online, walking them through each step of the process in their own home.

Stellar & Sage Appliances

Stellar & Sage Appliances

Stellar & Sage Masterclass

We also have Stellar personnel positioned within the Sage team in each of their European markets, so are completely immersed in their brand.

From this vantage point we are able to work closely with senior management and brand ambassadors alike, keeping communication channels free-flowing and productive, facilitating tweaks and improvements to performance within short timeframes.

Stellar & Sage team


David Gubbin, Sage’s GM for Europe said of the brand ambassadors sourced by Stellar:

“The brand ambassadors are part of our team, they speak different languages and are based in different countries.

“I am able get a feel of what’s happening on the shop floor from them every single day and have a trust level with them that, if something’s not going right in the store, or something is going incredibly well, they can relay those key pieces of information back to me immediately.”

Stellar & Sage Data and Analysis

Data & analysis

Thanks to our team of more than 100 highly trained, knowledgeable Sage ambassadors across Europe, we are able to gather vital, useful data from the shop floor and put that straight to work.

We provide weekly analysis including conversion statistics by person, product, location and day, enabling Sage to quickly react to these learnings accordingly, whether market-wide or store specific.


Coffee is a major focus for Sage currently and they required teams of capable, personable and knowledgeable brand ambassadors to demonstrate their high-end coffee machines.

We created a bespoke training programme to quickly, but effectively train brand ambassadors to equip them with the necessary skills to execute that perfect coffee moment during demonstrations – whether in-store or virtually.

Stellar & Sage Training


The combination of smart data and the right people means Sage can see sales results immediately.

Since engaging with Stellar, Sage coffee machine sales are up from 50 per cent to 90 per cent.

Using John Lewis as a sample retailer, year on year growth is at 86 per cent, versus 30 per cent across the John Lewis estate, increasing ROI by 350 per cent.

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