Peloton arrived in the UK in the autumn of 2018. A huge success story in the US, Peloton needed to establish its leading status within the UK fitness industry.

Over four months, Peloton House in Covent Garden gave the brand an opportunity to connect with its audience, deliver immersive retail experiences, and create exciting and relevant content for its social channels. We were chosen as Peloton’s staffing partner for this groundbreaking retail experience space – and continue to support the brand at retail.


Peloton House offered a fully curated retail experience where guests were exposed to the brand and took part in a live Peloton workout in a home environment. Our 56 trained staff took guests through this experience, ensuring the journey stayed positive and aspirational throughout. They then went on to encourage purchase.


Peloton used its own system to gather data on the success of the campaign. We added value by collecting insight from our staff interacting with guests at the space. This enabled us to work with Peloton on fine-tuning the experience to ensure we were maximising its effectiveness in both brand perception and sales.


Peloton House originally opened for 3 weeks. Due to its phenomenal success, Peloton quickly extended this period to 4 months. Peloton sessions were almost fully booked (95%) throughout the campaign and consumer feedback on their experience achieved an average of 4.7 out of 5. Most impressively, Peloton House achieved unit sales of 150% over target.

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