Nike is an iconic global brand with one voice but across multiple retail partners.

Our relationship with them began in 2014 in a bid to protect and promote the Nike brand within third party retailers.

Since then we have helped them achieve their goals through an effective combination of the right people, useful intelligence and outstanding performance.








On behalf of the brand, we created the Nike Air Team.

Our knowledgeable and highly skilled training team specialists connect with store managers to deliver training programmes to inspire their staff to buy into the brand and bring that passion to the shop floor.

Air Team members are also encouraged to engage with Nike’s innovative online training platform to further their learning and continually evolve.


Our visual merchandisers create beautiful brand environments in which to showcase new products and build Nike pride in-store.

Flexibility within our workforce enables our merchandisers to support a range of events and launches wherever necessary, from Premier League football clubs to Nike Town.



Regular, in-depth reporting with in-store staff enables us to share actionable insights with Nike.

This helps to further strengthen the brand-consumer connection.


The Nike Air Team is synonymous with brand passion and expertise thanks to expert training and investment in their performance.

Store engagement with Nike training tools improves year-on-year and their in-store environments are more than 95 per cent compliant.

The successful evolution of our partnership is defined by the data we gather.

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