Founded by a leading academic, Bose is a committed innovator in sound technology. Therefore, it is incredibly important that retail staff are equipped with the right level of knowledge and understanding to help customers make educated purchase decisions. We have worked with Bose since 2018, providing talented individuals in retail experience, staff training and visual merchandising roles.


In 2018 we provided three exceptional retail experience staff to support the Selfridges retail teams in the run up to Christmas. Their ability to create meaningful interactions and drive sales led to the campaign being extended by a further 8 weeks. In 2019 Bose asked us to provide a team of eight individuals with a much wider remit – brand advocates who could create compelling retail experiences, while also educating and inspiring retail teams and ensuring all Bose displays were up to date and looking their premium best.


Good quality data defined this campaign – both in its initial set up and how it evolved. We used CACI mapping data to schedule store visits, ensuring the team’s time was used most effectively. We then used a comprehensive data collection tool to enable us to gather key insights into the campaign’s success, including trainer activity, retailer feedback and sales figures.

With results delivered in smart formats, we were able to make quick judgements on how to improve things throughout the campaign.


Our first five-week project with Bose created 1,500 customer interactions, and generated sales of £52k. Their value was underscored when they went on to generate a further £32k in the post Christmas period. As our remit broadened, the effectiveness of our team’s performance remained exceptional.

Retail staff scored our training as highly effective, and display compliance rose from 85% to 97% during the campaign.

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