We are the experts in virtual retail, delivering tailored, digital-first experiences your customers will love to engage with. Whether on-demand or live, we facilitate genuine connection, cementing relationships between you and your customers.


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At Stellar, we create unparalleled online experiences that delight and intrigue your audience and build a community of Customers for Life.

We execute successful virtual retail strategies that span multiple channels; from virtual masterclasses and demonstrations that streamline the onboarding process, to supporting existing customers through live chat to attracting new audiences via social selling campaigns.

No matter the approach we take, we ensure it is always tailored specifically to your objectives, your customers and your brand.

Each customer-brand interaction is monitored and responded to in real-time, enabling us to leverage this data and optimise performance throughout and maximise return.

  • Bespoke, digital-first retail strategies
  • Best-in-class retail technology and innovations
  • Real-time data and analytics

Delivering first-class virtual
retail experiences for global brands

Putting your
brand centre stage

in every virtual retail space

In this age of rapid digitalisation, customers are becoming more discerning and their demands are becoming more complex.

Providing them with an exceptional digital retail experience, no matter the platform, is the way to winning their loyalty. We use data and human connection to power these exceptional experiences for your customers at every step of their virtual journey.

Our on-demand and live video broadcasts, delivered by a team of skilled sales professionals in a one-to-one or one-to-many format, delight your customers and enable them to engage with your brand, ask questions about specific products and feel part of your community – all from the convenience of their own device.

Consumers are increasingly shopping on their favourite social media platforms. Our social selling strategies are designed to maximise customer engagement with your brand, drive live sales and build a community of loyal brand advocates for your business.

We are constantly learning, innovating and testing to ensure we are always at the cutting-edge of retail’s digital evolution so that we can keep your brand ahead of the curve.

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Since 2018, we’ve been helping Sage deliver retail experience excellence to their customers and took their virtual offering to a new level with the launch of Sage Studios, London, in 2022.

From this purpose-built studio space, product experts can connect virtually with Sage customers across the globe, providing them with invaluable support and empowering them to become masters in their own kitchen

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We’re at the cutting edge of retail experiences across Europe, delivering results time and again for some of the world’s biggest brands.


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