We are the innovation experts. Our teams bring hybrid retail experience to life, seamlessly blending the best elements of physical and virtual to continuously engage your audiences over months, not minutes.

Pre- and post-sale delight

delivered by the experts

Our blended, hybrid approach takes the very best of physical retail experiences and combines them with the power of digital to create something entirely unique. We are experts at mixing the spontaneity, the joy and the engagement of an in-real-life interaction with digital tools to create a truly seamless experience. One that not only deepens your customers’ connection with your brand but is proven to generate significant ROI.

We connect the traditional shop-in-shop interaction with multiple virtual touchpoints, helping customers make more informed decisions about their purchases. These could be quick connections to helpful guides and resources, or exclusive access to deals and events to expand their purchasing and support attachment selling. We also integrate virtual techniques into post-sale initiatives, conducting one-to-one and one-to-many masterclasses, unboxing and onboarding programmes, on-demand broadcasts and so much more. We believe that every experience has the potential to become hybrid – and we exist to make it feasible, memorable and profitable for you.

  • Blended strategies built for your customers
  • Real-time data and analytics to inform performance
  • Multilingual teams and support

Developing omnichannel innovations for Europe’s top retail brands

Reaching your customers

at every stage of their journey

In the ever-shifting world of retail, your brand needs to be everywhere at once; able to create connections, deliver memorable experiences and secure sales in a multitude of channels and with consistency. Our retail experience experts work directly with your teams to develop omnichannel strategies that deliver on all fronts, ensuring you provoke a reaction every time a customer interacts with you.

With our industry-leading Customer for Life programme, we completely understand your customers’ buying journey – from pre-sale to purchase to post-sale. We identify moments in time where we can make a physical and virtual interaction, supporting the customer at every touch point and giving them a reason to fall in love with your brand. With enough positive engagements, be it in-store or in the virtual space, we will transform a one-time buyer into a Customer for Life – a connected customer who consistently returns to your products.

This is the ultimate goal of our hybrid retail experiences, and Stellar is here to make it happen.

Delivering coffee masterclasses

the Sage way

Our masterclasses for Sage have been conceptualised and created as a means of providing a unique and unforgettable experience for people looking to invest in a high-end coffee machine.

To capture maximum sales for Sage, we developed a unique omnichannel strategy that ensures customers joining online masterclasses enjoy the same memorable experience as those attending the masterclasses.

Our work

We’re at the cutting edge of retail experiences across Europe, delivering results time and again for some of the world’s biggest brands.


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