In today’s fast-moving, digital world, an omnichannel approach to retail is a must.

Brands need to seamlessly enable meaningful engagement with customers virtually as well as physically, in order to build communities and grow affinity and loyalty.

At Stellar we deliver best-in-class digital retail experiences for our clients, making the most of technology and innovation in order to impress, entertain and inform customers from the comfort of their own homes, or while on the move.

Whether on demand or live, we facilitate genuine connection with audiences, enabling interactivity and cementing relationships.

On demand and live broadcast

As retail trends go, broadcasting launches, demonstrations and fun, engaging content online is as fresh as it gets – whether aired live or available on demand.

Thanks to the pandemic, brands were forced to rethink how they were reaching their audiences and what could be done to further connect with them while everyone was forced to stay home.

Experts in omnichannel delivery, we were able to swiftly transition our clients’ physical retail experiences to online, all the while maintaining professionalism and, ultimately, that all important channel of communication.

Whatever the format, these broadcasts enable real-time connection – a chance for customers to interact with product experts and have their burning questions answered, all from the convenience of their device

Our team at Samsung KX, a unique brand space in King’s Cross, London, films, produces, directs and presents live launches and demonstrations available to audiences on the website and on YouTube, offering them unique opportunities to learn about products and speak to the team directly.

Viewers can also join brand communities, where they can chat with like-minded souls and share experiences.

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One to one demonstrations

Our demonstrators are not only deeply knowledgeable about the products they showcase, but also have a natural talent for communicating with people from all walks of life.

Virtual one to one demos give our charismatic experts the chance to really get to know a customer, providing the shopper with a unique, personalised experience based on their specific requirements.

Using innovative video calling platforms, the customer cannot be seen, but is able to chat with a brand ambassador who is located either in store, or in a creative, on brand setting built specifically for the purpose of demonstrating a range of products.

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When it comes to adding genuine value for audiences participating in virtual retail experiences, masterclasses are the jewel in our crown.

We create and deliver industry leading events for our clients who invite their customers, old and new, to attend with the ultimate goal of enriching lives and teaching new skills.

For luxury kitchen brand Sage Appliances, we source outside experts such as roasters and chefs to lead online masterclasses, taking audiences through the intricacies of producing excellent coffee or delicious meals using Sage products.

These virtual masterclasses are hugely successful and are ticket-only events that sell out time and again.

Informative, fun and engaging, the interactive sessions allow attendees to ask questions and leave feeling informed and equipped to become experts in their own kitchens.

Available both physically and digitally, masterclasses by Stellar offer audiences something completely different – a useful, memorable experience they will want to share.

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