At Stellar, our retail recruitment team endeavour to find candidates with the right brand fit and a genuine desire to work in the sector. After all, working in retail is an incredibly demanding job, both physically and mentally. It usually involves working unsociable hours and career opportunities aren’t always obvious. These challenges have positioned the retail industry as one of the lowest performers in both staff retention and attendance. Stellar aims to be the retail recruitment agency who changes that.

Each of our retail recruitment ambassadors is specifically chosen for your brand, ensuring you are always represented in the most accurate and positive way. As a leader in delivering retail experiences across the UK and Europe, we understand the importance of having a retail recruitment agency that delivers.

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We provide the best retail staff for your event, fully embedding ourselves in your world to become part of the team.



We make data useful by providing real-time analysis to inform and refine your retail recruitment requirements.



We have been delivering excellence in retail recruitment staffing for over a decade thanks to our award-winning, 400-strong talent book.







Exceptional reach for brand recognition

We have an existing database of 4,000 professional brand experience staff, of which a significant proportion have experience in the retail environment. Our industrious retail recruitment team also work tirelessly, using a combination of channels to reach new retail staff. And our advanced applicant tracking system ensures exemplary standards are met at every stage of the recruitment outreach process.

Reputation leads the way

Stellar serves as a retail recruitment agency for some of the most progressive brands in the sector, including Samsung, Nike, Peloton and Tesla. We have built a reputation within the retail industry by providing the utmost quality when it comes to retail recruitment. It’s Stellar’s reputation that helps us continue to build ideal employee profiles and constantly attract new talent for our clients.

Robust retail recruitment processes

As a retail recruitment agency we understand the pivotal role an in-store worker plays throughout a customer’s purchasing journey. For this reason we have developed a robust retail recruitment process to ensure we find the right candidates for our clients. This includes CV screening, telephone interviews and assessment centres. We also use group interviews, role play and psychometric testing as an applicant progresses through the selection phases.

Find out how you can benefit from using Stellar as your retail recruitment agency by speaking to an expert member of our team today.

Case studies

Recruit retail workers the Stellar way

Finding the right people can be a difficult – and expensive – task, so it’s worth using an experienced retail recruitment agency to help. Stellar have worked within the sector for decades and developed an extensive knowledge on how best to recruit retail staff.

Due to our wider remit of managing permanent retail teams, we have an in-depth understanding of the current retail landscape and its growing expectations of its workers. We translate this into meaningful recruitment criteria and then apply this against every prospective candidate.

brand ambassador talking with a customer

Performance optimization

We understand that a contemporary retail space needs its staff to have a different, more dynamic set of skills to that of traditional retailers. Store workers now need to be confident, enthusiastic and personable; they need to demonstrate empathy, understanding and diplomacy when dealing with customers. You want them to act as product experts and brand advocates, not just an employee going through the motions.

These fundamental characteristics are what we earmark throughout our retail recruitment process. We focus on each individual’s potential – in effort, commitment, personality and ability to do the job – even if we are tasked with recruiting large numbers of staff.

At Stellar, we are passionate about retail experience, and believe fundamentally in the power of human connection. So if your business needs retail staff who can bring these concepts to life, then we are the retail recruitment agency for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the retail recruitment process?

Our robust retail recruiting process involves getting together the right group of candidates for the job. This ensures that our clients have the right faces to represent their brand. To do this, we create an employee profile which we can use to attract new retail staff. Next, we will perform CV screening and telephone interviews to check each applicant. We also use our assessment centres for group interviews, role play and psychometric testing before as part of the selection phase.

Who needs a retail recruitment agency?

Every brand can benefit from a retail recruitment agency. As specialists in retail recruiting, Stellar is able to fully optimise your hiring process and find the people that most fit your company. By having an incredible workforce to lead your campaign, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your event delivers the utmost quality experience.

What is recruitment in retail?

Recruitment in retail refers to the hiring of professional brand experience staff. It focuses on finding new talent to represent businesses and to promote their product or service. Retail recruitment is a useful way of growing your team and matching your brand with the right individuals that you can trust. If your company needs retail staff, we’re here to help you.

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