At Stellar, we know more than anyone the value of people power, and the difference it can make to your brand event or experience. Promotional staff are usually the first and last people your customers see when they come to your experience, so it’s vital that they leave a positive impression. Very often it can be the difference between people falling in love with your brand or avoiding it in the future. That’s why investing in the right promotional staffing is critical in today’s retail experience environment.

Our promotional staffing agency has been delivering exceptional campaigns for decades. Over the years we’ve built and curated a comprehensive list of the very best promotional staff in the business – guaranteeing our clients quality with every new face we bring on board. We conduct all promotional staffing recruiting, training and management in-house – led by our team of retail experience experts. So if you’re looking for engaged, friendly, and professional promotional staff for your next campaign, why not pick the best?

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We provide the best promotional staff for your business, fully embedding ourselves in your world to become part of the team.



We make data useful by providing real-time analysis to inform and refine your promotional staffing requirements.



We have been delivering excellence in promotional staffing for over a decade thanks to our award-winning, 400-strong talent book.







The promotional staffing agency of choice

Over the years we have built strong, lasting connections with a number of high-profile brands – helping to create unique and engaging experiences. We have provided quality promotional staff for automotive leaders such as BMW and MINI, huge retailers such as Waitrose, Co-Op and Lidl, as well as extraordinary campaigns for the likes of Lavazza Coffee and Chelsea Football Club – to name a few! In addition to these established brands in the UK market, we have also provided promotional staffing for a number of one-off activations, helping to make a big impact in a short space of time. As a promotional staffing agency we thrive on the ability to deploy trained talent to any campaign, and to truly make it an experience for customers.

Delivering Excellence for Years

We have been at the forefront of promotional staffing for nearly 20 years, developing how we deliver our service and adopting innovation to improve brand experience for our clients. In that time, we’ve worked on all manner of campaigns – from product sampling outside train stations where efficiency and data collection is paramount, to guiding audiences through in-depth brand campaigns where enthusiasm, knowledge, and attitude is all important. We pride ourselves on our versatility and agility to react to whatever the campaign needs us to do, and we know that we have the talented promotional staff to make it happen – whatever your requirements!

We can also help with the extra bits, like product storage, logistics and staff uniforms.

High-trained promotional staff for every campaign

We have over 4,000 promotional staff on our book across the UK and Ireland, allowing us to be reactive to any and all campaigns. Every one of our Stellar staff are interviewed by our experienced talent managers before joining the team, ensuring that we always get the very best talent for your experiences.

Over the years we’ve built a strong and successful community, making sure every member of the team feels part of something special. This human-centric ethos is reflected in the attention we bring to each and every campaign.

Case studies

More than your average promotional staffing agency

With years of promotional staffing experience under our belt, we are able to provide staff for the full spectrum of events; from sports to festivals, product launches to campaign roadshows. Equally, our highly-curated book is packed full of talent. We can call upon skilled promotional staff, face painters, gymnasts, footballers, brand ambassadors – whatever your campaign requires to make the desired impact.

Lavazza promotional staffing

Bose promotional staffing case study

GHD Promotional staffing

At Stellar, we pride ourselves on dynamism and versatility, because no two experiences should ever be the same. Here’s an example of some of the campaigns we can deliver for your brand:

  • National coverage – Whilst our offices are in London, that does not mean that we are a London-based promotional staffing agency! Due to the quality and size of our talent book we are able to deliver quality staffing for any campaign, no matter where it is. We regularly work on campaigns across the entire UK and Ireland, as well as expansion into European markets.


  • Roadshow & Experiential Tours – We are no strangers to providing promotional staff for roadshows and tours – working with events and brand managers in multiple locations at once. We support clients throughout the entire roadshow process, providing staff and assisting with logistics support to ensure everything runs smoothly.


  • Product Launches and Demos – We support tech brands with promotional staffing for launch activities, PR stunts, and long-running experiential demo campaigns. We select our promotional staff for product launches and demonstration experiences based on their tech experience and passion for the product – ensuring they represent your brand with authenticity and enthusiasm.


  • Sports Events – Over the years we have worked with a number of sports venues and major brands to deliver an engaging, well-rounded experience for their customers. We specifically train our ambassadors for better fan engagement to make them feel as involved as possible – resulting in a great experience for everyone. Previous clients include Twickenham Stadium, Chelsea Football Club, and the BMW PGA Championship.


  • Festivals & Outdoor events – With summer traditionally being the busiest season for promotional staffing, securing exceptional ambassadors for festival work is highly competitive. We have an excellent track record providing high calibre promotional staff for a range of brands at festivals such as the Isle of Wight, Bestival and Reading & Leeds – as well as for specialist festivals like Taste of London.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are promotional staff highly trained?

Yes, at Stellar we provide an in-house training program to ensure every promotional staff member we bring on board are successful. When hiring promotional staff we know how important it is that they are provided with role play, workshops and team building exercises as getting the right talent for your campaign is our top priority. Whatever experience you have in mind, our promotional staffing will make it happen.

Which locations are your promotional staff available?

You’ll be pleased to know that our award-winning promotional staff book is available throughout the UK and Europe. So wherever you’d like to take your campaign, our promotional staffing solutions will make it possible.

How do I request promotional staff for my campaign?

If you’re looking to enhance your campaign, simply get in touch with our professional team at Stellar to discuss your specific needs and find out how our promotional staffing can grow your business! We’ll make sure the whole process is smooth from start to finish.

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