People are at the heart of everything we do. We believe meaningful human connection is at the root of brand success and we have the skills, knowledge and experience to source exactly the right people for the job, every time.

As a multi-award winning staffing provider, we have a keen eye for personable individuals who display the characteristics that best suit our clients and their requirements.

Stellar people are smart, savvy and genuine. Through a combination of natural ability and our immersive training programmes, they understand the power of relationship and how to inspire customers to invest in brands in every sense of the word.

Product Experts

Thanks to our intelligent selection process, we are proud of our 2,000-strong database of exceptional people across Europe.

These carefully chosen, highly-trained individuals become product gurus who can competently and effectively connect with shoppers, discuss purchase options and carry out demonstrations to help them make informed decisions.

For the past 15 years, Stellar people have represented an impressive list of clients including BMW, Sage, Samsung, GHD, Lavazza and Nike. We embed bespoke teams according to environment and brand objective, from shop floors to major events, immersive retail experiences to pop ups.

We provide a mix of permanent and tactical demonstration staff to best suit our clients’ needs with the focus not only on making sales, but also on building brand love and loyalty. Our teams are trained to make connections, listen carefully to customers and ensure experiences are personal, memorable and shareable.

With a significant shift to online in recent years, we provide staffing solutions that seamlessly transition physical brand experiences to the digital world, taking a hybrid approach with each and every brief.

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Brand Communities

Today’s consumer demands much more from their shopping encounters and we are experts in delivering innovative, purposeful omnichannel retail experiences.

Brand communities have become an important and effective means of creating a space to engage with and better understand an audience. This helps brands to stay current, jump on trends and align with their followers – all the while sharing their own messages and ideologies.

At Stellar, we have the expertise to help you create and achieve with brand communities using a range of methodologies from social media presence to product launches, demonstrations and masterclasses.

These communities can enjoy brand experiences in person and online, giving them a chance to interact with product experts as well as other like-minded souls, providing platforms to discuss, connect and share.

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Immersive Training

We design and deliver fully immersive training programmes for our brand and retail experience staff, which have a proven track record of accelerating learning and see teams emerging fully equipped to represent the brands they have been selected for.

These in-depth, educational programmes take place (physically or virtually as necessary) over a number of days; they include hands on product experiences, scenario training, talks from the experts, fun activities and even competitions – all of which contribute to their significant success.

Additionally, Stellar experts coach and manage specialist trainers for major clients including Nike, BMW and Sage. These specialists are brand experts trained to deliver fresh and innovative programmes to their own staff designed to inspire passion, expand product knowledge and ultimately maximise sales.

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