Experiential staffing is a powerful way for your brand to connect directly with your target audience – be it virtually or through face-to-face experiences. The right experiential staff can be the difference between a memorable, impactful brand event or one that will simply be forgotten the morning after!

When it comes to putting a human face on the brand in customer interactions, you need to use an experienced, highly-trained experiential staffing agency to get the best people for the job. You need experiential staff that are warm, engaging and as knowledgeable about your brand as you are! Stellar has an award-winning staff book which is exclusively populated by the best of the best in experiential staffing.This ensures that you only get the most appropriate staff for your experience – maximising engagement and ROI.

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Experiential staffing with a difference

At Stellar, we harness the power of people, data, and years of experience to bring you an experiential staffing agency that delivers results.



We bring the best people to your business, fully embedding ourselves in your world to become part of the team.



We make data useful by providing real-time analysis to inform and refine your experiential staffing requirements.



We have been delivering excellence in staffing for over a decade thanks to our award-winning talent book.







Creating a brand experience that resonates

Any brand can create an event, but not everyone can deliver a true experience for their customers. In order to make the most of your investment, you need to create something that resonates – sticking in the minds of your customers for years to come! That’s where a bespoke experiential staffing agency comes in.

Our research and experience show that customers respond to personal engagement that answers their specific questions and meets their needs – and that can only be achieved with people power. That’s why we invest in the right people for your brand, guaranteeing that your event becomes an experience for everyone.

Introducing the best experiential staff

We pride ourselves on keeping one of the best experiential staffing books in the industry, covering all of the skills you need to deliver world-class experiences. To join our team, staff need three core skills: personality, professionalism and cooperation. These are the fundamentals of being a successful member of Stellar’s team, and we expect nothing less.

Our experiential staffing agency experience has taught us that the best people are outgoing and friendly, as well as empathetic to your customers’ needs. They require an impeccable work ethic to work long hours in different environments and still give 100% to the experience. These attributes are not always easy to get, which is why we invest heavily in training to make sure each and every one of your staff members is equipped with the skills they need to perform.

Performance management and development

At Stellar, we are incredibly selective about the experiential staff that we add to our book. This has helped us create a community of loyal Stellar staff who have the opportunity to learn and grow in their role with us. Every member of experiential staff is graded by their manager after each job, and given ongoing training. And our mystery shop programme ensures we can spot and address any improvement requirements quickly.

Case studies

A trusted name in experiential staffing

We have over 15 years’ experience in delivering exceptional campaigns for a variety of international brands – putting people, data, and results at the forefront of what we do. And our approach to experiential staffing is no different.

In 2020, Mash Staffing merged with Stellar, the retail experience agency, to form a new experiential staffing agency with deep connections to the brands we love – creating and launching experiences that make waves. As a combined force, we are proud to work with many prestigious brands, such as Samsung, Caburys, Pringles, MINI and Paco Rabanne. And thanks to the hard-work and commitment of our staff, we continue to drive innovation in the way experiences can be delivered to customers.

BMW PGA championship experiential experience

Stellar experiential experience case study

Presently, we employ thousands of high-quality experiential staff across Europe, ready to tackle any campaign that is thrown at them. We have spent years investing in world-class training programmes to ensure our staff are the cream of the crop, and also monitor and run multiple schemes to make everyone feel part of one large community. Because an experiential staffing agency that supports its people and allows them to grow can continue to provide the best support to brands!

At Stellar, we set exceptionally high expectations for our experiential staff, because we understand the vital role they play in your brand experience. We pride ourselves on working with clients and partners to deliver fresh, exciting, innovative campaigns with the very best people in the sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my brand need experiential staffing?

With the right experiential staffing, your experience has the most impact. Experiential staffing is an effective way of getting the best people to deliver your campaign and maximise engagement. Whether you’re planning a virtual or in-person experience, experiential staffing will guarantee an exceptional team to represent your brand. Finding individuals with all the characteristics, knowledge and skills your brand needs to create an incredible event.

Can experiential staffing be virtual?

Yes! There are plenty of ways to use experiential staffing for virtual marketing. In particular, experiential staffing is a great way for delivering online events, interactive webinars and pre-recorded video production. Due to the pandemic, virtual experiences have become a popular way for brands to connect with their audiences as it allows consumers to engage in a safe and COVID-friendly environment. If you’d like to create something virtual, Stellar is on hand to assist with all of your experiential staffing needs.

Why should I choose to hire experiential staff?

Experiential staffing is a useful way of building the right team to advocate your brand. All of your team members will be graded based on their skills and attributes to ensure you only have the best talented people to deliver your experience. That’s why Stellar are proud to offer exceptional experiential staffing for everyone. Why not discuss your next campaign with us? We’d love to help!

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