At Stellar, we know how to get the most from our clients’ retail experiences – and not just because of our extensive industry knowledge and expertise.

We use the latest technology to collect accurate, useful data and put it straight to work.

There is nothing more valuable than the bountiful information that can be gleaned from customers engaging in a product demonstration or masterclass, visiting a pop up store or display stand, or connecting with a brand online.

Our teams are specially trained to gather data discreetly and unobtrusively that can be fed straight back and made use of to improve experiences and maximise impact.

Real time analytics

Stellar staff representing brands in all environments have a unique opportunity to collect information at the coalface.

They have direct access to shoppers that allows them to open conversation and ask vital questions to help guide decision making for our clients.

Our teams ask a handful of carefully considered, strategic questions to ensure only the most useful data is collected – data that is automatically reported back for swift analysis.

When engagement is virtual, the data we elicit is equally beneficial and can be quickly broken down and made use of.

From unique views to engagement time, issue resolution to sales by time of day and person, the information is leveraged for instant results.

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Actionable insights

Thanks to our intelligent analysis tools, any collected data can be converted and turned into actionable insights without delay.

Our clients, as well as the Stellar teams in situ, are able to immediately see what is working and what is not and act upon it; we use test and learn from day zero to ensure all campaigns are performing to the best of their ability

The data helps us refine content based on what keeps audiences engaged the longest or develop new content when audiences feedback on what they would like to see more of.

Tweaks, to whatever degree, can be made with speed to ensure needs are met and opportunities are consistently maximised.

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Quick implementation

Because Stellar people collect real time data on-site and in the moment, wins and losses are quickly spotted.

There is no need to wait for lengthy reports at the end of the week or month before taking action – the data can be turned around on a daily basis and fed back to decision makers in the form of clear and useful insights, giving them a complete picture of campaign performance.

Whether a product, approach or staff member is underperforming, or stock levels are not aligned with demand, this will soon be exposed and changes can be swiftly made.

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