When it comes to offering a complete brand experience, brand ambassadors play a vital role in any face-to-face interaction. Not only are they key to giving your business a human face, they bring value through engagement and brand knowledge, ensuring that any experience or event is memorable. At Stellar, we have been delivering high-quality brand ambassadors for major activations for years, thanks to our state-of-the-art training and management strategies.

Each of our ambassadors is handpicked for your campaign, guaranteeing that your brand is always represented in the most accurate and positive way. As a leader in delivering retail experiences across the UK and Europe, we understand the importance of ensuring that brand ambassadors have the skills to deliver a truly unforgettable experience for everyone. That’s why we have an award-winning talent pool of over 400 event staff and ambassadors. We invest in the technology, the training, and the people that make it happen.

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We bring the best people to your business, fully embedding ourselves in your world to become part of the team.



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We have been delivering excellence in event staffing for over a decade thanks to our award-winning brand ambassador talent pool.







Finding talent that works for your brand

We know that exceptional brand ambassadors are warm and engaging, empathetic and full of energy – they are the beating heart of any activation. Our specially-selected pool of exciting talent is full of hard-working, switched-on and flexible people who are always eager to learn about new brands and to put their best foot forward. We also ensure that each brand ambassador is equipped with knowledge of the latest bespoke software, making it easier than ever to integrate into your business.

Before being accepted onto our book, each of our brand ambassadors are interviewed, in person, by one of our highly-skilled experts. This allows us to fully access their capabilities and suitability for your brand.

Enabling excellence & success

We know that prioritising impeccable customer service from brand ambassadors is key to producing an unforgettable experience. Our award-winning talent book has been curated over many years to ensure that all Stellar brand ambassadors meet the highest expectations, no matter where they are. We create a bespoke training programme for our ambassadors before every new job, helping them to get acclimated with your brand and your philosophy.

Depending on the exact specifications of your campaign, our training regime ranges from a simple webinar with a followup questionnaire to an in-depth, structured introduction programme at a specialist training venue. Whatever we feel your activation needs, we equip our ambassadors with the training they need to excel.

Performance management from day one

Our unique performance management strategy is based on three pillars – motivation, support and monitoring. At Stellar, we run a mixture of intensive programmes for our brand ambassadors. This is a blend of structured and ad-hoc programmes designed to increase brand affinity and knowledge.

During any activation, we provide on-support from start to finish, as well as multiple two-way communication channels and on-going training. We also monitor their performance throughout any campaign so that we can suggest improvements throughout its lifetime.

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What is a brand ambassador?

Put simply, a brand ambassador is the living, breathing embodiment of your brand at any particular activation. They are the face and voice of your business, company or product in any public-facing event – there to answer questions, engage with customers and deliver live product demonstrations as needed.

Brand ambassadors are highly-trained industry professionals who are adept at absorbing information about your brand, enabling them to sell your services and products in the best way possible. The majority of the time, brand ambassadors are employed by a retail staffing agency on behalf of your brand, who provide training and advice throughout the campaign to ensure you’re getting the most out of your staff.

brand ambassador talking with a customer

Performance optimization

Stellar brand ambassadors for superior experiences

At Stellar, we have earned a reputation for providing some of the best brand ambassador solutions in the country – and beyond! If you are looking to hire exciting, flexible staff, no matter where you are, we have the book of exceptional talent that will take your activation to the next level.

In 2020, Mash Staffing merged with Stellar, the retail experience agency, to create a brand ambassador agency with intimate knowledge of how to deliver truly unique experiences for clients. As a combined force, we are proud to work with many prestigious brands, such as Samsung, Cadbury, MINI, Weetabix, Quaker and Volvic, to name a few. In order to provide the best experiences possible, we rely on a curated book of brand ambassadors who we know can deliver truly exceptional performances for your campaign.

We understand that when brand managers are creating new experiences, sourcing brand ambassadors can often be left until last – deprioritised compared to planning, creating and building in the grand scheme of things. But leaving brand ambassadors to the ends can lead to unforeseen issues. Projects can overrun, which leaves your brand ambassador agency little time to recruit staff or train them before launch, which can really impact the effectiveness of your campaign.

At Stellar, we set exceptionally high expectations for our ambassadors, because we understand the vital role they play in your brand experience. We pride ourselves on working with clients and partners to deliver fresh, exciting, innovative campaigns with the very best ambassadors in the sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do brand ambassadors do?

Brand ambassadors will become one of your team to help drive a successful campaign. With their knowledge and skills, they are able to represent your company in a positive light by starting new conversations and engaging with audiences. A brand ambassador endorses and promotes your product or service through human connections and meaningful interactions.

Are brand ambassadors effective?

Yes! Brand ambassadors are a key marketing strategy which use a variety of techniques to bring your campaign to life. By using brand ambassadors for your activation, you’ll have the best individuals to promote your company and build a memorable experience for your audience. Giving you the opportunity to generate new sales and boost brand devotion.

Why are brand ambassadors important?

When it comes to delivering your campaign, a brand ambassador will ensure your audience has the most unforgettable experience! As the key face of your company, brand ambassadors are able to share useful product or service knowledge through face-to-face interactions and communicate with the right people. So you’ll be able to step back and focus on the other logistics of your retail experience.

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