Customer experience is continuously evolving and brands must adapt to the new hybrid retail environment. Stellar offers a unique combination of services to change how people experience and buy brands, products and services.



Whether the required approach is physical, digital or hybrid, we work with brands to build omnichannel strategies that have a relentless focus on optimising performance.

• Channel strategy • Customer insight • Service philosophy

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Retail strategy
Stellar services - Experience design Sage kitchen


We know experience design takes people and human needs as the first frame of reference. We work with brands to create a set of guiding principles that ensure a consistently diverse and unique brand experience.

• Creative concepts • Pop up and concept stores • Visual merchandising

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We have built an award winning talent pool of more than 4000 brand ambassadors across Europe who are ready to connect with your customers. Our industry leading selection, training and motivation systems and platforms have been developed and honed thanks to decades of insights.

• Product experts • Brand communities • Immersive training

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Stellar services - Exceptional people
Services - Retail operations


For the best run stores and experiences, we make sure everything is carefully considered, planned and executed. We can manage display placement, customer service, money and credit handling, staff management, inventory optimisation and deal with the entire supply chain.

• Production • Logistics and implementation • Day to Day management

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We make data useful by providing real time analysis to inform and refine your strategy. We analyse the numbers, providing immediate insights to optimise performance. We are all about measurable outcomes.

• Real time analytics • Actionable insights • Quick implementation

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Performance optimisation







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