There is an obvious and undeniable link between the strength of your team and business performance.

But attracting and selecting the right people to ensure your brand thrives is no mean feat.

Here at Stellar, our specialism is building large, successful teams of brand ambassadors on behalf of our clients – a process we have perfected thanks to years of experience and fine tuning.

Our journey begins with a carefully devised profile detailing the exact qualities and skills we are looking for in a person, based on our extensive knowledge of the brand and product in question.

We consider the professional and life experiences we are seeking in a candidate and put together a list of ‘must haves’, factoring in personal preferences, as well as employment history.

A brand ambassador cannot sell coffee if they hate it – right?

Once the character profile is nailed, the hiring process becomes slicker and more effective, while ensuring the most suitable people are placed out in the field representing not only the brand, but also the agency.

Job advertisements are kept clear and simple, including the most important details in short, engaging bullet points.

Ads for our brand ambassador roles, in particular, must highlight the location of the job and the type of working environment involved, among other things.








We are savvy when it comes to the legalities of recruiting for specific roles, particularly when hiring in different parts of the world, and with salaries too; what can we pay and what should we pay? In the UK we are proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer.

For these sales focussed positions, we offer a monthly basic salary plus commission as a great incentive for team members to consistently strive to achieve their targets.

When advertising vacancies, or scouting for talent, we research and use the channels most likely to capture the attention of and connect with the kind of people we want to appeal to.

Our website and careers page are kept to date, as visitors already showing interest in us may spot something they have not seen advertised elsewhere.

We offer a recommendation bonus scheme to our existing team, as a sure fire way to improve the cost and efficiency of recruiting.

And of course, we use social media as it is likely to reach the biggest audience in the shortest time.

Once an advertisement is out there, it is crucial the proceeding stages are all set and ready to go, as there is no time to lose when the first fitting application lands.

Potential candidates might apply for multiple positions and, if we are impressed by a CV and how the applicant comes across in print, we know we need to move to the next stage quickly.

We favour a simple three step interview process, which begins with a phone conversation not only to get a feel for personality, but also to confirm basic information, such as availability.

If successful, we move onto a video call giving the applicant a chance to really showcase their character and competencies, and enabling us to get a much clearer picture of how they might interact with a consumer.

The third and final step involves a face to face meeting, providing the candidate with an opportunity to answer questions in person and further prove whether or not they are a match for the job.

Once recruited, training and on-boarding begins; our programme has evolved and is delivered consistently across our brand teams, both in the UK and Europe.

What started as a one day course for new recruits, has become a three day in-depth experience to fully equip them for success in the field.

While the cost of training is admittedly higher, ROI is reached much sooner, as our statistics show what once took six months to achieve, now takes just a few weeks.

Read more about our scalable brand ambassador recruitment and training blueprint from our managing director.

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