Tell us your Stellar story so far…

I am just approaching my second anniversary at Stellar. I started in the corporate division managing a core team of talented staff, predominately for BMW and MINI, who showcased their expertise delivering world class brand experiences at events such as Goodwood and PGA. In 2020, I joined the Samsung KX accounts team; I manage the delivery on the account, as well as people engagement within the team that brings the Samsung ethos to life at their flagship experience store based in King’s Cross, London.

What did you do for work before you became a Stellar person?

Aligned with my degree, which explored elements of media, culture and society, my previous roles have also been people-focused and centred around creating teams that embody the values of the brands they represent. This has always been my driving force, whether as staffing manager at Sense Marketing, working with global brand clients to provide staff for immersive experiences at the Compass Group, or managing hospitality staff for more than 300 annual conferences and exhibitions at the ExCeL centre. I continually strive to evolve hiring processes to recruit brand champions for individual clients, to perform bespoke training sessions and also design staff appreciation programmes to evaluate performance and truly recognise achievement.

What first appealed to you about the company?

I was compelled to join Stellar because of the culture. Put simply, people are at the heart of everything Stellar does and it is inspiring to see a company that celebrates meaningful human connection as the basis of client success. I believe authentic connections enable brand loyalty to truly thrive.


What are the most enjoyable or satisfying elements of your role?

Stellar’s service philosophy is to ensure every customer that walks through the doors at Samsung KX feels inspired by the possibilities on offer. My role involves helping the team develop, which means I encourage our unique individuals to drive technological evolution and flourish under the brand’s innovative vision.







What piece of advice would you give to somebody hoping to become a Stellar person?

Always share your ideas. Stellar strives to push boundaries, so be bold and brave.


What predictions do you have for the retail industry for the next 12 months?

The past year has made everyone re-evaluate their priorities. I believe brands are now more determined than ever to showcase retail business or products with true meaning and value – which, in turn, becomes a legacy. This will lead to more products and brands with increasingly deeper messaging designed to connect with consumers and further establish relationships.

As we have already seen, there has been a greater shift towards personalised customer service thanks to lockdown restrictions – whether in person or virtually. Customers who are loyal to brands expect to be rewarded, such as receiving VIP treatment during brand interactions. Brands recognise every customer is vitally important to their success, so now create more bespoke experiences focusing on individuality. The future of retail will rely heavily on the continued strengthening of relationships between brands and consumers.


How do you usually spend your weekends?

I am a massive food lover. Lockdown gave me the perfect excuse to practice my cooking skills while the restaurants were closed. I have been known to create three course menus because I believe you should try to push yourself whenever you can.

Do you have a hobby or skill that people find surprising about you?

In my spare time, I love to play Samba music from Brazil and have done so for the past 15 years. I have been lucky enough to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, been a part of the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony and even once performed in a feature film, which was incredibly fun.


What is the one thing you consider yourself to be really good at – big or small?

I am really good at organising and analysing data for projects or reports, so much so a colleague once gifted me a mug that says “I love Excel spreadsheets”. It really helps across all aspects of my job, as intelligence is key.


Which friend or relative did you catch up with in the flesh first once lockdown restrictions began to lift and where did you meet?

The first people I met up with were my mum and brother in my family home garden. I managed to brave the cold – it was just so lovely to be with them again.


Which delayed gig, show or event did you book and are excited for as soon as it can happen?

I immediately booked some tickets for a show at Ronnie Scott’s as soon as they were released. As music is a massive part of my life, it was a must.


If money was no object, describe the first trip you will take once overseas travel is allowed.

I would love to complete a road trip from Tunisia to South Africa. Very ambitious I know, but it would be so amazing to see all the beautiful sights throughout the continent.

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