I am passionate about data collection and analysis.

In business, it is a vital tool to ensure continuous improvement and sales success.

At Stellar, thanks to the way in which we gather, analyse and convert data, we are able to make on-going meaningful improvements to our retail sales programs leading to increased profits.

Our model is agnostic. The way we collect and analyse data is adapted to each client and reported weekly, including conversion statistics by person, by product, by location and by day to give a clear picture of what is working and what is not.

As an example of this success, our client Sage, a luxury kitchen appliance brand, has seen a 350% increase in ROI from last year as a result of our schedule optimisation, ensuring the best people, in the best stores, at the best time.

ROI in the UK is now in excess of 35% meaning that the activity not only pays for itself but also contributes to the bottom line.







While data collection in itself is not a ground breaking process, it is the way we analyse and present the data, along with our industry expertise, that allows us to get the absolute maximum out of the information we collect and collate. Our insight, feedback and recommendations are what sets us apart.

Quite simply put, our data is useful.

It helps to steer our clients’ strategic direction providing clarity to make better decisions, producing great results fast and making their investment work harder.

We are all about measurable outcomes. All too often business decisions are made based on gut feelings but, with carefully collected and analysed data in play, those decisions can be made based on hard facts rather than intuition alone. Data gathered on lost sales due to out of stock have allowed our clients to negotiate higher stock levels and additional shelf space emphasising the power of data.

At Stellar we are also passionate advocates of the test and learn process. If a client is keen to trial a new initiative, through data gathering and analysis we can monitor on-going performance. All this leads to improved sales.

In essence, the expert data collection, in-depth analysis and feedback we provide and our relentless focus on continually improving client performance and profitability helps achieve your business goals.

Confident in our processes and experience, we offer a unique service shaped to fit your brand and gather the information you need to improve in-store performance.  Stellar makes the good happen quicker.

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