Tell us your Stellar story so far…

I joined the business more than four years ago and started as an account director solely responsible for the Nike account. I progressed to senior account director and am now group account director, responsible for all UK and Ireland retail clients. I work with an amazing team of eight who currently look after brands including Beats, Lavazza, ghd, Peloton, Bosch and Nike as well as some top secret new names soon to be added to the list.

What first appealed to you about the company?

My early career was in recruitment and business development with a field marketing agency who supported Samsung across large-scale activations. I saw an opportunity with Stellar to have a larger impact on retail and its future with top global brands such as Nike, Dyson, ghd and Peloton. Stellar was my first choice given their long list of clients and European reach – not to mention their reputation and approach to working in partnership with brands.

What are the most enjoyable or satisfying elements of your role?

For me they are autonomy, company culture and business values; we only work with the best and I love to win and be part of a team that is considered an industry leader.


How does your working week differ now to this time last year?

I am more productive because I spend less time commuting, however I miss face-to-face interactions with my team, the field based staff and our clients. Everyone knows I love socialising and we have not been able to do much of that. I plan to make up for it this summer.







What piece of advice would you give to somebody hoping to become a Stellar person?

Bring your personality with you and be prepared to work hard.


What predictions do you have for the retail industry for the next 12 months?

I think it will be a slow start from April, however, I am hopeful brands and retailers will be rocking and rolling by the golden quarter, fulfilling everyone’s long awaited retail therapy needs.


How did you spend your weekends before 23 March 2020?

Before March 2020 I spent a lot of time travelling to see family and friends for long weekends. They were also spent investing time into my small person – India, who is 11. We love the cinema and eating out so much we are well known in many restaurants in my hometown of Hertford for playing cards after dinner while eating copious amounts of chocolate cake and ice cream.


And now…?

Now we eat cake at home and have got really good at baking and cooking from scratch. I love Gousto and eating things that are not beige in colour.

What did you do for work before you became a Stellar person?

I ran my own sales and marketing recruitment consultancy.


What is the one thing you consider yourself to be really good at – big or small?

I am really good at multitasking at work and at home.


If money was no object, describe the first trip you would take once normality returns.

Gosh so many. I would travel to Holland to see my best friend and her new baby born in lockdown. I would also like to see my family in Dubai. Next level, money no option – a two week all expenses paid trip to the Maldives with Cloudy Bay on tap, daily massages, the freshest local food and Kiss100 on all day.

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