Personalisation remains big business for retailers both here in the UK and around the world as it continues to drive engagement and give stand-out experiences to customers.

As reported by Custom Gateway, an online customisation company, and based on research by Technavio, the global market for personalised gifts will rise to $38 billion by 2021.

They cite three key factors that are enabling this growth: an uplift in gifting culture, advancements in decoration technology and an increase in online retail and distribution channels.

Modern gifting is not just reserved for Christmas and birthdays. There is increasing pressure on us all to keep up with the many and varied reasons it is deemed necessary to give a present.

Anniversaries, new babies, awesome teachers, house moves, engagements, new jobs and even for those experiencing a tough time – there seems to be no end to the need to buy a little something for a loved one.

Customising a gift for someone shows thought and effort has gone into the process, hence the unrelenting popularity of this style of gifting.

Many bricks and mortar retailers have become wise to the personalisation capabilities of online retailers and now offer similar services in their stores.

Providing a physical space where shoppers can browse and select gifts, hold them, compare them and then have their own personal “stamp” applied for either themselves or someone they care about, makes for an appealing experience.







Nike do this well, offering a range of personalisation options not only online but also at their flagship store on Oxford Street where shoppers can customise sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts in a variety of ways – or even alter the style altogether with their tailoring service.

Nike By You also allows customers to choose designs for their Air Force 1 trainers or have them monogrammed to make them truly unique.

Gap offers similar experiences at their London store, where a personalisation station now complements their ‘Denim Addict’ service.

The first gives customers the option of personalising garments with embroidered letters and the latter is a free jeans alteration and customisation offering.

Harrods dedicates entire sections of its department store to personalisation, offering an impressive range of products which can be printed on, engraved or embossed with personal details, messages, photos or hand-drawn sketches.

Other bricks and mortar stores offer exclusives when it comes to customisation, such as Selfridges where you can buy personalised Veuve Clicquot gift boxes, Dyson who can emboss your initials on your beauty case and Sainsbury’s who can add the name of your road to your festive Quality Street tin.

All are clever ways in which to entice customers to stores, giving retailers the perfect opportunity to provide a unique experience for the shopper while they are there in a bid to impress them and ensure their return.

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