After an 18 month hiatus from life resembling anything like its former self, the Stellar team was excited to be given the opportunity to breathe life into a new activation for Bosch.

Located at key shopping centres across the UK, the campaign is currently launching the brand’s latest innovation – Bosch FreshUp.

This groundbreaking product has been designed to eradicate smells from a wide range of fabrics, so has a multitude of benefits whether you are travelling for work, on holiday or simply want to reduce trips to the dry cleaners. Washing clothes fewer times is also beneficial to the planet, saving energy and water every time – an added bonus as reducing our carbon footprint is worryingly important now.

Roughly the size of a glasses case, the Bosch FreshUp is a hand-held device and, most significantly, is the first of its kind on the market.

It uses plasma technology to effectively dissolve odours, rather than simply masking them; the molecules of the smell are broken down and removed for good.

No chemicals, detergent, water or washing are required – a real game changer.

For customers to truly understand and connect with the product, we devised and built a customised booth, inside which members of the public can be introduced to and get hands on with the Bosch FreshUp.

The booth was designed to align with the brand’s advertising campaign for the product and is high tech in appearance.

Once inside this exciting, cutting edge space, our specially trained Stellar staff take customers on an immersive journey during which they experience Bosch FreshUp first hand, giving them the chance to ask questions, try it for themselves, see (well, smell) the results and, most importantly, buy the product.

As an added incentive, for the duration of the campaign the device is attractively discounted from its usual RRP of £249 down to £199 per unit.







Our knowledgeable team, comprising one store manager and three to four product experts, staff the booth seven days a week, giving passers-by plenty of opportunity to get involved.

The experience provides consumers with the chance to select a swatch of fabric already doused with a strong scent such as lemon or coffee, and use the Bosch FreshUp to remove the odour and smell the difference for themselves.

Simple to use, the device is run back and forth over the fabric and within a few short minutes the scent is undetectable.

Being able to hold the Bosch FreshUp and learn how to use it there and then is a hugely effective way of encouraging shoppers to buy the product, as they can see it genuinely works.

Our staff in the booth have been highly trained, not only to start conversations and connect with customers, but also to be experts on the brand and product itself, sharing their in-depth knowledge and expertise in an authentic and easy to understand fashion.

Their training involves interactive online sessions with senior members of staff from Bosch and Stellar, who coach the teams on everything they need to know about Bosch and FreshUp, from history and brand culture, to in-depth product demonstrations and practical information on setting up the booth, day to day logistics and how to collect important data from visitors to the stand.

Success is being measured both qualitatively and quantitatively, with staff gathering details from customers, recording volume of sales, collecting other stats and making suggestions for improvements; all such data are fed back daily and put to use straight away.

Recommendations and actionable insights are shared with key decision makers and tweaks are swiftly made to the activation to ensure maximum results.

Stellar is delighted to be a big part of the launch of such an innovative product here in the UK and it is fantastic to see our teams back in action and so invested in the brand and the device they are showcasing, keen to share it with the customers they meet.

Overall the team feels confident working among the public once again, with all staff members wearing masks, unless exempt, and carrying out lateral flow tests three times a week to keep everyone safe.

Footfall within the shopping centres has returned to normal and the Bosch FreshUp experience is receiving a hugely positive reaction thanks to its innovative technology and impressive, immediate results.

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